Digimap Carto Issues

If you have experienced problems using Digimap Carto, please refer to the message below from Digimap Support:

Following recent changes to popular web browsers and updates to Java installations some users have experienced difficulties using Carto. We understand that there have also been some instances of problems with Carto working on the latest 64-bit versions of operating systems (mostly Windows 7).

Many of these problems are now beyond our control. However, we are currently looking for workaround solutions wherever possible.

The following page has more information about possible solutions to get Carto working:


Given these recent changes, we regret that we are no longer able to continue development on the platform used by Carto.  Instead, we will be developing a replacement advanced mapping service.

Carto will continue to be available until its replacement is complete, but we cannot guarantee that it will continue to function with the latest updates to your internet browser and to your Java installation.

We would strongly suggest you try Roam if Carto fails to operate as expected.

Digimap Roam offers the majority of functionality available in Carto and some extra functions.  Roam can print at A3 and A4, portrait and landscape, add annotations and labels to your map and measure distances and areas.