Advanced warning about possible noisy construction work outside the Library

A small amount of preparatory drilling is likely early in the morning on Friday 31st May and on Saturday 1st June.

This is preliminary work before a refurbishment of the Library due to take place after the end of the examination period. This will improve temperature control and air circulation in the building.

On Friday May 31 this will involve drilling four holes to the front of the Library building between 08:00 and 10:00 and a further four as soon as possible thereafter. The next day, the work will be much less intrusive and will take place at the back of the Library to be completed by 13:00.

We’re very sorry that this is happening at a busy exam time. We have contacted the contractors to ask them to complete any noisy work on these days as quickly and as early as possible.

We are confident that the contractor will try to keep noise to a minimum and we have been advised that the work will be significantly less disruptive than the drilling we experienced on Tuesday. If you are disturbed please contact Library staff for help in finding a quieter place to study.