Summon™ Search – Upgrade on 7, 8 July 2014

The Summon search tool will be upgraded to Summon 2.0 between 7th & 8th July.  There will be no downtime during the transition and users will be able to access Summon as normal. However, there is a risk that the service may become slow and unresponsive for some time.

If you have any queries then please contact

What’s New in Summon 2.0?

Some of the key features of Summon 2.0 are:

o   Streamlined and Modern Interface: familiar user experience,responsive and mobile friendly.

o   Automated Query Expansion™:improves search precision by including additional keywords and spelling variations for common topical queries.

o   Topic Explorer™:highlights relevant encyclopedia entries, helps guide users through the research process and exposes them to pertinent reference content in context of their query.

o   Scholar Profiles™: instantly matches users’ searches to key authors and researchers, Scholar Profiles™ boost relevance, improve search precision and encourage exploratory author searching within and across disciplines.

o   Content Spotlighting: dynamic display features highlight relevant content sets like newspaper articles, reference materials and digital images with a unique visual style that differentiates it from scholarly journal and book content.

o   Related Search Suggestions as users scroll through results, related search suggestions dynamically display encouraging users to expand their query to aid their research.

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