Forgotten your card? Use our new DIY kiosk!

We know how annoying it is when you forget your campus card but still want to come into the Library, so we’re pleased to let you know that thanks to a grant from this year’s Annual Fund, we’ve been able to install a new kiosk by the Library entrance gates so you can make up a temporary card to get access to the Library for the day yourself.

The new kiosk is a huge improvement on the old process of having to queue at the desk to get a paper slip, and then having to queue each time you want to enter or leave so that a member of staff can let you through! Instead you will now get a barcoded slip which will let you in and out of the barriers for the day without the need to be let through by Library staff.

It’s a do it yourself approach, so simply head to the kiosk if you’ve forgotten your card and follow the simple on-screen instructions. Just a couple of details to bear in mind:

  • The three cardless visits per semester rule still applies – the kiosk won’t issue you a slip once that limit has been reached.
  • The temporary slip replaces your campus card for Library access for the whole day – this means your campus card can’t be used to swipe in and out of the Library until the following day.

Thanks go once again to our generous alumni for providing us with the funds to improve student experience in the Library.

If you’d like to give us any feedback on the new kiosk, do get in touch: