How long can I keep a book?

When you borrow a book (or indeed any other item, eg a DVD or a CD) from the Library, you can keep it out for as long as you need it as long as no one else requests it. Because we automatically renew items for as long as they are not requested by someone else, the book will remain out on loan to you with no danger of picking up fines until you are finished with it and return it to the Library. However, if another person needs the title and places a request for it, we will send you an email stating clearly the date on which the item needs to be returned. For books in really heavy demand (eg those on reading lists) you may find this request comes to you almost as soon as you’ve taken the book out. This is because the book is already part of a reservation ‘queue’ with others waiting to get hold of it. When you take out a book that is already part of a reservation ‘queue’, the minimum amount of time you can keep the book is one week.

If you have any questions about the items on loan to you and when they are due  please ask a member of staff or email