Take a break (but not for too long!)

As we move into one of our busiest times of the year, we appreciate that lots of you are spending longer hours in the Library and may need to take a break from time to time.

We strongly encourage you to study healthily and take regular breaks, but at the same time, with desk space at a premium it’s useful to let your fellow students know when you’ll be back (we get quite a lot of complaints from students about ‘reserved’ desks at this time of year).

If you need to leave your desk for more than a few minutes, pick up one of our ‘Take a break’ sheets (located just before you come into the Library on Level 1) and leave one on your desk so it’s clear to others when you’ll be back:


Take a break

Just to note – whilst we’re happy for you to take short, regular breaks, please never leave a desk for longer than 40 minutes, otherwise it’s incredibly frustrating for other students and you risk having your belongings removed.