Welcome to Sarah – our new Student Curator for ‘Healthy Learning’

Hi! My name is Sarah, and I am your VP Support Elect as well as your new Student Curator


Alongside your other Support Zone members, Sam and Tash, we have created a stand to help you during the upcoming exam period! It will contain a large variety of information from general tips (such as how not to procrastinate and to lead a healthy lifestyle) to more leisure materials as well as academic support.

So whether you need some help focusing, want a bit of motivation or just simply want some resources to help you unwind after a long day in the library – we have you covered!

Don’t forget to check out our ‘Healthy Learning Motivation‘ and ‘Healthy Learning Relaxation‘ Spotify playlists too (they’re constantly evolving!) and add your suggestions below.

Follow the Library on Instagram (@surreylib) for more updates over the exam period.