Reflecting on our Healthy Learning display – by our student curator, Sarah

“Now that the Student Curator project has come to an end, I would like to thank the library staff for giving me the resources to make this happen. I thoroughly enjoyed curating a Healthy Learning display, which I believe was very well received. I am very happy to see the project evolve during the month, based on student feedback. My favourite aspect of the project would be the fact that it was very interactive with students, which was also reflected positively in the feedback. So thank you once again for giving me this opportunity, and I can’t wait to see what the next student curator will do!”

Sarah, our most recent student curator, has worked with Library staff to create an informative and interactive student curator display on Healthy Learning.  We’ve all been really impressed by Sarah’s ideas and the way in which she reached out to students through various media platforms as well as books from our collection.  A huge thank you to Sarah from all of us in the Library for helping to make the Healthy Learning student curator display relevant, informative and fun for all students.