Personal Digital textbooks

We are pleased to announce that our digital textbook scheme is now live!

Over the summer, the University supported a new initiative to provide personal digital copies of some of your most essential texts that you need for your teaching and learning.

Our Library e-books sometimes have a limit to the number of people who can use them, and we know that as a student, if a book is being used extensively throughout your course you want to make sure you have access to it when you need it.

To access your books, go to your module in SurreyLearn and in the Course Materials menu select ‘BibliU Bookshelf’. This will activate your titles that you can access.

The textbooks available through the BibliU Bookshelf have been picked by your module leaders. They will be a key text for your module or programme, and by having them on your BibliU Bookshelf you can download it to your devices, take notes and highlights and guarantee that you can access it whenever you want. Use these books alongside the other recommended resources in your module reading list, which will include Library e-texts, articles, digitisations as well as print books that you can request via Click and Collect.

We still are adding a few titles over the next week or so, so do check back if you’re not seeing what you expect. For more information on digital textbook scheme, have a look at our Digital Textbook page and have a look at some of the support materials put together by BibliU on YouTube.