Welcome to Sairah – our Student Curator for this month’s theme: ‘Life as I know it’

Hi there! My name is Sairah, I am a second year Psychology student and I am your virtual Student Curator for this month. 

March’s theme is ‘Life as I know it’ and I am pleased to say I have decided to focus on physical disabilities. I feel this is an important theme to talk about, particularly today in the age of pandemic when this group of people are most at risk. I was first inspired to choose this topic upon a very thought-provoking read of a book called ‘Everything, Everything’ which I’m sure some of you have heard about (keep your eyes peeled for a specific post coming about this soon!) as well as an eye opening conversation with a friend about her own personal experience of living life through a pandemic with a disability. 

I feel this is a topic that should be raised especially now in current times and one that everyone should try and educate themselves on as it affects many people both here at the university and out there in the real world. Keeping up conversion around this helps keep our university community as welcoming and empathetic as it should be.

Throughout the project, I especially hope to highlight and bring attention to the various and colourful resources about physical disability that your library has to offer you that are all available at the tips of your fingers. I will do this by compiling posts about relevant media recommendations on things like films, podcasts and of course, books – and adding them all to my dedicated reading list.

Make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming updates on all of the library’s social media platforms (@surreylib, using the hashtags #SurreyLibCurator #StudentCurator) and join in the conversation!  

Happy learning 🙂