How I stay motivated on long study days

Hello again!

As everyone knows, studying all the time is not easy… Getting stuck in a routine can get difficult and staying on top of all of your work feels at times impossible. I know that every semester without fault I start having a hard time keeping up by week three. The initial drive of a new academic year starts to slow down and the work start pilling up. But to me that’s ok because I know I will put in the work to catch up and that I will be ready in time for exams. However, I know that when my motivation starts to waiver, that means it is time for me to get out and to reset myself.

One of the things I do to ensure that I can get back on track and feel better about my studying is making sure I remain committed to the football club and that I go out for walks or runs every week. When I play football, all I think about is the game – it is total bliss for two hours where I am not worried about readings and cases, all I’m worried about is controlling my breath and focus on the ball. I think it is so important to find a good distraction like this, whether it be a gym session, a yoga class or even a night out to the movies. Whatever clears your head for a little bit and makes you come back to your work refocused.

When I feel like I need to be studying but I am unfocused or seem to get restless, I like to go and explore the different pubs and coffee shops that Guildford has to offer. This week I decided to set myself up at the Weyside pub which is really beautiful as it sits by the river. I treated myself to some coffee and a sandwich which kept me energized for my study session. Given that it was such a beautiful day outside, I decided to head out to the castle grounds where I read in the grass under the sunshine. I find that going out and setting myself up away from my desk on days where I need to study hours on end really helps me stay motivated and quite frankly happier too. Another great place to head to on sunny days is the lake on campus which is one of my favorite places to go to.

Guildford has so many wonderful things to offer, and those things will remain hidden to you if you don’t get out exploring!