Attending the Swedish Sports Medicine Congress at the Gothia Towers

Conferences and networking

With just over a month of my placement left here in Sweden I feel very grateful to be this far in and still being exposed to new environments and opportunities to learn.

Recently I attended the Swedish Sports Medicine Congress, held at the Gothia towers which are an iconic Gothenburg landmark. The congress welcomed speakers and listeners from all over Sweden along with some international speakers, including experts from England, America and Denmark. It was a fantastic opportunity to listen to some of the latest research coming out of the leading departments along with discussing the presentations with other attendees. Along with this it was great to be able to represent not only the Centre for Health and performance here in Gothenburg but also University of Surrey and the Sport and exercise science course.

A graphic created by Performance Nutritionist James Collins showing the similarities between the elite athlete and you.

The presentations were all very engaging and really prompted thoughts and ideas as to the future of ‘sports science’ and how the knowledge of graduates and experts in the field can best be used.

Food First Approach

My favourite presentation was from James Collins a leading sports and exercise nutritionist who has worked with France national football team during the world cup, Arsenal men’s football team for 7 seasons and Team GB athletes across 3 Olympic cycles. It was interesting to hear how he is using his experience in high level elite sport to help other working professionals and the general population. He emphasised the importance of a ‘food first’ approach and how keeping things simple in terms of nutrition and fuelling is the best method whether you are a full-time professional footballer training at least 6 days a week, a theatre performer performing 2 shows a day for a prolonged period or a bank manager working long shifts.

Physical Activity for Health

Following on from this presentation was a talk regarding physical activity for health and again the take home message was that the services and treatment available to all sports participant from beginners to elite should be the same as ultimately the goal is always to see an improvement.

I thoroughly enjoyed the two-day conference and I hope in the future I can attend many more as it is a great way to interact with others working in the same or similar disciplines. Attending the conference has also increased my interest in research and made me more aware of it’s importance in the sports science industry to avoid a plateau and allow for continuous development to occur.

The presentations along with some of my daily tasks at the Centre for Heath and performance have also allowed me to come to a decision on the topic of my dissertation. Furthermore the opportunity to meet with so many professionals at the conference has also allowed me to get their thoughts on my dissertation project.

Presentations at the Swedish Sports Medicine Congress.

The World’s biggest Half Marathon

This week in Gothenburg is also a very busy and active week in the city with the build up to Goteborgsvarvet, the words biggest half marathon.

  • The build up includes multiple ‘mini’ races including a relay race this evening in which 5 team members each run 3.7km.
  • Later in the week will be the race expo at the Gothia towers in which the top medal contenders for Saturday’s race will give talks and there will be a range of stalls and stands with all the latest running kit.
  • Then on Saturday, over 60,000 people will take to the streets to run the 21km around the city, along with the 200,000+ spectators, 100,000 litres of water over 60,000 bananas to support the runners.

It’s definitely a very exciting week to be in the city!

The 21km half marathon loop around the city.