JAMINA JOY October Update!

(You can check out my September vlog update here).

Hello, Jamina here! 🙂 As you may know, I’m starting a sustainable slow fashion brand, JAMINA JOY, with help from the funded PTY Enterprise Pathway by Student Enterprise. I get to work on my business for a year instead of doing a traditional placement! Each month I’ll be posting a vlog or blog to share my updates.

What have I been up to this October?

This month I received tech packs for the collection. Tech packs are a set of documents that explain the design of a garment to the manufacturer. This provides instructions for the manufacturer on how to make the collection. While I was waiting for the tech packs to arrive, I did feel a sense of unproductivity and restlessness because I felt like I wasn’t doing enough on the business. Fortunately, once I received the tech packs, things started to pick up and I was able to get the ball rolling.

Additionally, earlier this month I was able to attend a photoshoot for another start-up fashion business! It was great to watch the behind the scenes and get a feel of what I would have to do for my own photoshoot.

I recently had a video meeting with a manufacturer that went really well! We talked about my brand values, the fabrics that I’m interested in using, the size range for the collection and the minimum order quantity. They also gave a basic rundown of the manufacturing process and discussed ways in which this process has become more sustainable.

This week the winner for an online raffle that I hosted was selected. (I had lots of sign-ups from the CUBE launch event)! The winner won a 15% DISCOUNT & VIP early access to the online store which will allow them to browse comfortably before the big launch! Check out my Instagram for updates. This week I also applied for the CUBE fund! Fingers crossed I get shortlisted! 🤞

Although some really exciting things have happened this month, I did struggle with feeling productive in my workspace, since it is the same as my personal space. But I’m looking forward to switching up my environment next month by going to different locations to work.

My next steps:

  1. To embark on the manufacturing process for the collection! (So exciting 🎉)
  2. Trademark my brand name.
  3. Start arranging my first photoshoot! 📸

Thanks for reading!

Thanks so much for reading. Check out the socials: linktr.ee/Jaminajoy