My marketing placement at Vivid Goliath

My position as a Marketing Intern at Vivid Goliath has allowed me to develop professionally while obtaining practical experience that has actually contributed to the company’s future growth.

Working hand in hand with large retailers including Amazon, Tesco, and Smyths Toys has provided me invaluable insights and knowledge into the fields essential with the running of the business, including: marketing, sales, operations, ecommerce, global developments and research and development.

I have been given the responsibility of organising events, critical analysis, carrying out crucial marketing duties to support the success of the brands and products that Vivid Goliath has launched as well as most importantly having my own brand that I manage.

I have also been lucky enough to have exposure in key spaces and influencers including the largest Trade show in the UK for this industry, working with the likes of Joe Baggs and Poppy Hollins as well as The Traitors Official Board Game launch event based on the hit BBC TV show.

The opportunities and expertise that Vivid Goliath has given me are unmatched; this internship has given me the resources and transferable skills I need to advance in my professional career. I cannot overstate how much I suggest this internship!

If you would like to do your placement at Vivid Goliath, you can find out more and apply here.

Harry, University of Surrey Business Management (Entrepreneurship) BSc, placement at Vivid Goliath