From College to University…

Hi guys!

My name is Daria and I’m going to try to tell you as much about university life as possible on a weekly basis so that you could get a perfect feel of what it’s like to be here in the University of Surrey.🙂

So where do I even start?  I’ve been living here in England for the past 5 years, completed my GCSE’s & A-levels in a boarding school/college, so i did have an experience of living on campus around other people from all over the world, however, I was still feeling a bit nervous about such a big change and a completely new environment. Moving to University seems to be very stressful and even scary when you think about it.

The reality is, there is nothing to worry about!😊 I met the most welcoming people and my moving in day did not even feel like this was something new or stressful. I have to say, it went way beyond my expectations! In Surrey uni you will get any help you could possibly need in terms of finding answers to your questions, being directed to places around campus when you get lost, sorting out any problems you might have, etc. There is always someone to talk to – whether it’s a student, a peer mentor, a lecturer, an ambassador and so on. The settling in process for me was very smooth and enjoyable.

My main advise would be, do not hesitate to ask any questions you have and just talk to people around you. Most of them are new too and you will be pleasantly surprised by how friendly and willing to help everyone is.

I hope you are looking forward to coming to the University of Surrey soon! I will try too cover both positive and negative aspects of university life and hopefully help you to make up your mind on whether it’s worth coming to Surrey or not (it really is worth it!)  because as you might have seen on prospectus/brochures – “Wonderful things happen here!” and they really do!✨☀️

Until next week!😌