Christmas in Russia

Hey guys! It’s been a while!

Home! I am finally home! This is the first thought that comes to everyone’s mind when we go back home for Christmas break. Everyone is so happy to see their families but then the realisation that you have another three weeks at home comes What now? What to do at home? It feels so oddly calm and quiet, something a university student normally is not used to. Spending time with your family and seeing old friends is amazing, however I still miss university (obviously not the work or assignments).

In Russia, we don’t celebrate Catholic Christmas but this is the day when you start realising how internationally-orientated/socialised university makes you as you start sending “Merry Christmas!” messages to most of your friends from university as well as receiving them. It’s quite entertaining once you start feeling all Christmassy and get into this holiday spirit properly.

Moscow looks totally beautiful this days withal the New Year’s decorations and numerous Christmas trees around the whole city and all the shopping malls etc. I enjoy getting presents for my family and friends, maybe even more than receiving them. The key part for me is wrapping them nicely and making them look perfect. How exciting!

What is quite special about my home country and home city, I feel, is the snow. It has been snowing quite a lot since the day I came back. It is an inexpressible feeling and unbearable beauty of the snow and millions of huge snowflakes when you wake up in the morning and look out of the window or go outside later. We have so many ice-skating rinks all around Moscow that have been beautifully decorated and this is another unforgettable experience worth trying during winter time.

I hope you are all having an incredible time with your families and friends! Merry Christmas!!! Enjoy! 🎄✨🍊🎇🎊🎁🎉