Reading week trip to Nuremberg🇩🇪😍

Hi, guys!

So exams are over and everyone’s relaxed. I know this is a bit too late since this happened almost a month ago but I thought I’d still share some exciting stories with you.

For the reading week, students have two options – either stay at uni or go home. If you choose to stay in the university, you can simply carry on with day-to-day uni life, however, there are no lectures taking place. Reading week is designed as a sort of little holiday in between exam weeks and a start of Semester 2. Reading week is also a great opportunity to both catch up on your ‘old’ readings as well as start some new ones for the next semester.

I thought I would take an advantage of the reading week and make the most of it. Since I do not see my family very often I had decided to see my mum but since I am very passionate about travelling as well I thought I could combine both. I decided to go to Nuremberg and it was absolutely amazing!!

I loved exploring the new city that I had never been to before (and I am in love with Germany just in general). The very famous world’s biggest toy trade fair/toy exhibition was also taking place there during the time and I could not misss the opportunity to visit it! It was a great and very enjoyable experience to explore different companies and their brand lines as well as meet sooooo many new people!!

I came back to university very happy and ready for a fresh start 🙂