Why did I choose my course?

Hi guys,

Today I’d like to tell you a bit more about why I have chosen my course and what’s different about it, comparing to other courses on offer.

As you all know already, I am a first year student, doing Media Studies with German. This is a major/minor degree, which means that the main concentration falls onto Media in my case (my major subject) and less concentration on German. I simply have more media modules, however, German still requires hard work and I find out so many new exciting things in both subjects.

I have always been passionate about languages, however, never wanted to make them my main focus.That’s why finding a major/minor degree like the one I am doing was absolutely great! One of the main reasons why I have chosen Surrey Uni in the end, actually. Another great aspect of doing this degree is because you get to meet people from both departments, Media is under the department of sociology whereas German is under Languages, both in FASS (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences). More lectures from different backgrounds, more people of different interests, what can be bad about doing a major/minor degree?

Major/minor degrees give you a wide scope on the subjects of your study. I understand that my knowledge won’t be as deep and specialised as it would be if I was doing a usual one subject degree but I, personally, see this as a motivation to carry on with studies and go into further education, do a masters degree. I believe that this opportunity and experience of combining subjects are very valuable and much appreciated by many Surrey students, other universities barely offer such degree.

Another reason to come to Surrey and see what and how wonderful things happen here!! 🙂