Day Trip to Oxford

Last weekend, the PhotoSoc (the university society for photography enthusiasts) organized a day trip to Oxford. And guess who went along?

It was an adventurous day, the first time I’ve been to Oxford. We had to catch the train to Reading and then switch over to another for Oxford.

The highlight of the trip was getting to visit colleges of the University of Oxford! And also places where some scenes from Harry Potter were shot.

Lincoln College Main Lawn – Those walls are all green with leaves during Spring

We started our walk from the Covered Market, and then went to Lincoln College, part of the University of Oxford. There was also a church as part of the Lincoln College where a student was beautifully playing an Organ… and it matched well with the beautiful stained-glass windows of the church.

Stained Glass Windows – So Cool!

Next, we roamed around and then went to the Bodleian Library. This building is over 400 years old!

Outside Bodleian Library

Did you know, the Bodleian Library holds over 12 million books?! WOW!

Inside Bodleian Library

Harry Potter fans, do you recognize something? Several scenes were shot here 😀

Another familiar sight from Harry Potter (not me… the bridge)

We also visited the University Church. A beautiful building, with an awesome interior, which had a choir practice going on. We all sat down and enjoyed it for a few moments before carrying on.

University Church with the Choir practice ongoing

Later, we had lunch at Westgate Shopping Centre and then went to the Ashmolean Museum. There is a lot of cool stuff there. I also saw a real mummy there!

A real mummy! Thankfully it didn’t wake up

I obviously highly recommend paying a visit to Oxford when you are in the UK. Besides the university (which is among the top educational grounds in the world); the Ashmolean museum is also a highly recommended visit. There are just so many old artefacts there, some are centuries old. CENTURIES!

I guess this is also why you should join societies… There’s always fun things you get to do with people who have the same interests. I know I am really looking forward to the future trips of PhotoSoc (which is a society you must join if you like photography).