Surrey meets South Asia

Hear the perspectives of current students from South Asia

Going back to the future

University of Surrey is known for ensuring that the alumni can play an active part in the future of the university. As a result of this, there are multiple events dedicated to the alumni, and last month, I was able to attend one of these showcases, titled “back to the future” where alumni got together […]

A love letter to London

I was just going through my blogposts and realized I’ve never actually posted about London here. Over the past 10 months, I have somehow started to consider it my backyard (it’s only a 35-minute train ride from Guildford!), so I never really thought of appreciating it for what it is. So I thought I could […]

Trip to Bath

Bath has been a city on the forefront of my travel list, even way before I came to study to the UK. I had always been enchanted by the thought of its Roman baths and stunning Georgian architecture, and last week I finally got the chance to travel there. I was staying in Bristol as […]

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