Surrey meets South Asia

Hear the perspectives of current students from South Asia

Some additional museums to visit in the UK (1 of 2)

In February 2023, I blogged about my experience visiting the natural history museum and the science museum in London and hoped to write articles about additional museums I visited there. This is one of those articles, but this time I decided to add further about some museums outside London as well! I’ve enjoyed visiting museums […]

Exploring Bristol

Now I’m going to be honest, Bristol has never been a place that’s been on my travel radar in the UK up until last week. The only reason I decided to go there was because a bunch of my friends wanted to visit nearby Bath but couldn’t get accommodation there last minute, and we decided […]

Working part-time while studying

During your time at the University of Surrey, learning should be your top priority. However, if you’re interested in doing some part time work, there are plenty of options available to you. There are part-time in person jobs, hybrid working, as well as remote jobs available both locally, and even internationally that you might want […]

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