Get the taste!

Last year, when I had to choose which university I wanted to go to, I could not attend to an Open or Applicant day in Surrey, so I decided to book a campus tour. I came to visit the university with my mom, aunt and grandma and we all LOVED it. A student ambassador took us on a tour around campus and explained everything about the facilities and services available. That morning of June I decided that Surrey would definitely be my future university and that I was going to apply to be a Student Ambassador to help people make their best final decision as that girl did with me.

It is always easier to make a choice once you have seen, lived and interacted with people that have been in your current situation and are experiencing the situation you might be living once your choice is done. That is why in the University of Surrey, we believe that is really important to give you the opportunity to come to visit us and help you be sure about your decision of coming to our university!

There are different ways to do this:

  • Applicant days: this days are exclusive for the people that have applied, and they take place on Wednesdays. After having applied, you will receive and offer to come to join us in our weekly applicant days. In these, you get the chance to go on a campus tour by a student ambassador, view some of the student accommodation, attend a welcome talk where you’ll get more information about the university and finally do some taster classes to make sure you are applying for what you really want to do. Unfortunately, seeing as these occur on Wednesdays, many of you may not be able to come… but don’t worry!!! You have more opportunities to experience all of this!!!
  • Open days: it’s almost like an applicant day, but everyone is welcome to join us. Even if you haven’t applied because you are still not sure about studying abroad, but you might be thinking to apply next year, don’t hesitate to come! The open days are obviously bigger that applicant days due to all the people that take advantage of these events. They happen on set days (usually weekends); in 2017 they are going to be on Friday 30 June and Saturday 1 July; Saturday 16 September and finally Saturday 14 October. More information will be follow soon on .
  • Booked campus tour: if none of the options that I have mentioned suits you, there is also an opportunity to book a campus tour on the university web page. You also get to visit the facilities and services offered. This tour is also normally guided by students at university, so you will also have the opportunity to ask any questions about their experiences and what learning and living in surrey is like.

I totally encourage you to try your hardest to go all the way up here to get the taste of what your future will be like. If you are up for it, go on the university’s web page, there is a lot of information about all this stuff. DO NOT HESITATE TO VISIT AND EXPERIENCE YOUR FIRST WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE HERE!!!