Add to University a new country, new culture and new people!

In the last post we were talking about the placement, which is a year where you get to have a working experience abroad. But, what about having the experience of doing a studying exchange? Will you also be into experiencing this adventure?

Apart from the Professional Training Year as part of your degree, University of Surrey gives the opportunity to have a lifetime experience studying out of the country, which will help you develop and grow professional and personal skills and values. Thanks to this experience, you will get to know another new country, new culture and new people, which is in my opinion the most enriching learning in life.

The exchange experience does not acquire extra university fee payments, you will just have to pay for your flights, accommodation and living expenses in your time there.
There are study exchange opportunities in many subject areas. It can take place either in the second year for one semester or the full year or as an alternative to a work placement in the Professional Training Year, depending on your degree course. The University of Surrey has Erasmus agreements across Europe, and international partners all the world including Canada, USA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.
Unfortunately, it is true that the admissions for each university are limited, so not everyone interested in this can get the chance to go on an exchange. However, I’m sure that if you really are looking forward to living the experience, with self management in study and organization and motivation in your day to day you have a high chance to make it happen!!
I was planning to apply at the beginning of the year, but as I’m already living away from home and I also have siblings in university, I though it’d be better to postpone it and maybe do a master abroad later. However, I’ve got two Spanish friends that decided to apply, so they worked hard on their marks and write a good personal statement; they both got the exchange. One of them is going to the University of Florida, and the other to Brock University in Canada. You should definitely take into account that this are the kind of opportunities that studying in Spain will unlikely offer to you.
If you want more details consult Global Opportunities under your degree programme entry. This link will take you to a guide to the Global Opportunities:
So far, you have probably realised that University of Surrey offers endless opportunities, inside and outside of Guildford, no matter which degree you are in and what your interest are. And, believe me, you still have a lot of Wonderful things that happen here to discover!