Guildford Accommodation – First Year


In this blog I’ll be talking about accommodations in Guildford! Moving from Madrid to Guildford was a big change, I was used to the city and being surrounded by people and shops that closed at 10pm, and when arriving to Guildford, it was a big change to get used to, as the shops here close at 5pm. But not to worry because there are still loads of things to do!!! 

In my first year of University, I lived in Manor Park, James Black Block. This is one of of the Uni accommodations available (and in my opinion the best one!) I shared a flat with 8 people, where we had a common kitchen area, and then ensuite rooms (meaning that each room as its own private toilet and shower – Band D). There are several types of rooms that vary within a range of prices depending on the Band you apply for when moving in. You can find more information of this in the Surrey website – Accommodations.

Living in Manor Park meant that I lived next to Surrey Sports Park (SSP), the fields and the Vet block. This was great because I was 10 min walking distance from the gym, and from my volleyball training sessions. Another 10min walking distance to a big Tesco, 25min to main campus and 45min from town. I personally prefer walking everywhere I can as I don’t think that its that far away, but as a last resort I would get the bus or an uber to uni (if I was really really late to classes – ups), but I do have to mention that there is a bus pass for a whole year which I can say that my friends 100% recommend getting.