Accommodation at University of Surrey




Manor Park and Hazel Farm


Stag Hill Campus

Hey everybody! Today I will be talking to you about the university’s accommodation. The university mainly separates the rooms into 6 bands(A-F). Each rooms are banded according to the price and its facilities. These are all the brief information I mainly collected from the university website.

Band A– Mostly on Stag Hill Campus but some are at Hazel Farm.

– Single rooms (Hazel Farm only) and Shared rooms (Stag Hill Campus only)

– Without ensuite shower and washing basin (shared bathroom)

Band B– Only at Stag Hill Campus and Hazel Farms

– All are single rooms

– Without ensuite shower and washing basin (shared bathroom)

Band C– Six Courts have Band C. (Battersea, Cathedral, Stag Hill, Surrey, Twyford and                  University which all are on Campus)

– Include washbasins but without ensuite shower (shared bathroom: approximately 4 bathrooms to share with 8 people)

– 8 to 10 people to share a kitchen

Band D– Majority of the Band D rooms are on Manor Park (which is 10-15 minutes walk to Campus and 5 minutes for a bus) and some on the Stag Hill Campus.

– All are single rooms

– Ensuite shower including washbasin

– 5 to 8 people to share a kitchen (little bit smaller than Band C kitchen)

– Approximately same size with C but with shower

Band E– Mainly on Manor Park and few on Campus.

–  Approximately 50% bigger than Band D

–  Ensuite shower

– Double bed with mini fridge included.

– 5 to 8 people to share a kitchen

Band F– 40 studio flats at Manor Park

– ONLY for couple

– Private kitchen with ensuite shower/bath included


However, you won’t be able to choose which band you want but you can indicate your preferred Band. And the university will random and choose it for you.

Most of the Thai students live in Band C and Band D. But don’t you worry, you will find your Thai mates everywhere. And if you lucky to have a good cooker near you, you will be learning the skills very quickly.

I am currently living in Band C room at the Battersea Court. The room isn’t too big or too small but the great thing living on campus is that it is only like 5 to 10 minutes walk to lecture. And more importantly, there is no need to wait for buses if you have to live at Manor Park or Hazel Farm to get to the campus.

If more information needed, please do contact me through my email. ( or use the link below for more details from the university website.

( But I reccommend you to watch the video which will give you a great idea what the room looks like.( )