Hello from a Washingtonian!

Hello my fellow Americans!

I am Holly, a first year Computing student from Bellevue, Washington. I was born in California, but have spent most of my life in Washington. If you know anything about Washington, I pretty much fit the stereotype. Rain, hippies, and Starbucks run the state. The Seahawks are the best “American” football team, and we will win the Super Bowl again one day 🙂

I grew up with English parents, I am a first generation American. I had a dream to come back to, as I call it, the “mother land” to experience living in my second culture. Thinking back now, it makes me laugh that I once claimed so passionately and with such determination that I was English and not very American. That is far from the truth… I am definitely an American, but instead of denying it, as I once did, I love it. Moving from America has opened my eyes to how different, but special both countries are.

When I was given the opportunity to be a representative and to talk to other Americans that were thinking about coming to England, I was ecstatic. I could finally share my experiences and tribulations with people who could understand and would be going through the same things that I did and still am. I have certainly learned a lot about being English.

I cannot wait to share with you!