I have just come back from Disney Land Paris this morning 🙂 The school works with a group called ILoveTour who plans and manages trips that take students around England and in Europe. They will book the coach, ferry, and hotel rooms for you. They take the stress out of traveling and let you focus on actually enjoying the trip. They will give you an itinerary of when you need to be in certain places so that you can go to the next place, but beyond that you have the freedom to explore and do what you want when you are at the place.


We left for France by coach around 8am on Friday. We took the ferry to France from Dover which gave us an opportunity to admire the White Cliffs of Dover. The ferry only takes about two hours which is a perfect amount of time to get a cooked meal overlooking the water and check out the duty free stores. Once we got to France we drove straight to the Dream Castle by Disney Land to check in. All three of my friends and I shared a room together which was really nice. We took the free bus to Disney Village for a meal and wandered around.

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The next day we went into the park. We saw the princesses, watched a parade, went in each of the different sections. We rode Space Mountain three times! As it is winter, the park isn’t as full meaning some of the wait times for the rides were only five minutes! The weather did not have a chance to hold us back. The sun was still shining which kept things reasonably warm. After the main park we went into Disney Studios. That area has bigger roller coasters and seemed to be aimed at people our age. We rode the Tower of Terror, Crush Coaster, and Rock and Roller Coaster. At 10pm we went back into the main park and watched the light and fireworks show over the castle. It was very Frozen themed. My friend tried to sing-a-long to the songs that were being sung in French and not English 😉 We were exhausted by the end of the day and fell asleep easily.

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On Sunday, our last day, we decided to go into Paris. The train takes about 45 minutes. We were expected the ticket to be quite expensive, but to our happy surprise it was only 8 euros which included the train ticket, underground, and bus access! The journey was really easy and we made it around the city without a problem. We went up the Eiffel tower to check out the view. It was so windy! After we wanted to find the bridge that people put padlocks on. We put some on ourselves! We found an amazing café nearby and had the most amazing French lunch. I had a three cheese puff pastry and pesto pasta. It was a really nice meal to finish off our trip. We headed back to Disney Land after that to sneak in a couple more rides on the roller coaster and headed home.

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The whole trip was amazing and a fantastic break from school. The ability to travel easily was a big reason why I wanted to come to England and specifically Surrey. I have been to France, Belgium, Holland, Wales, Switzerland, Norway, and soon to be Croatia since last year!

Back to reality now and my school work,