It’s Happened to be Surrey – 1st story: Mona

Dear all,

I think about a series of stories which are about everything, especially people who I meet and know in Surrey. So now I would like to start this idea with a lovely name “It’s happened to be Surrey”. Besides, I want to talk a little bit more about this name. Actually, it’s based on my friend’s facebook page name (It’s happened to be Viet Nam) which I have followed for a long time. This page always, somehow, touch my heart, so it’s the reason why I want to name my stories like this. I just want to tell all of you something which touched my heart.

The first story will be about Mona who is not only my classmate but also my first close friend in Surrey. “Close friend” to me means who I can talk everything without a secret, who I want to share my feeling to firstly, who I feel happy while thinking about and who I will miss so much when I graduate from Surrey.

Let me tell you more about her. To me, she is a miracle Thai girl with the warming smile. I still remember the first day I met her. Even I can speak Thai, I had not told her and kept communicating in English with her. Until one month later, I wanted to open my heart to her starting with my little secret:

– Hey, Mona! Actually, I have never told you before about this thing, I can speak Thai!

– Really?! Are you kidding me?

– Nope, I really can.

– Try some!

– “I am just afraid that I cannot have a good pronunciation so…” (in Thai)

– “Oh my God! It’s good.”

Our close friendship has started from that. She is an active person, so she wants to travel as much as possible. She took me to many places in the UK which I knew that I might not go there without her.


Oxford trip

15094881_10154828829392216_6414533240728274454_n 15317859_10154875089997216_1711272804944022872_n

Bath trip


London trip

Moreover, she let me have a real talk with many other friends (not just only “hello”, “good morning”..). Every time I got troubles, the first thing I thought about was calling her to express my feeling. Even she could not help, at least, she was there to listen and made me calm down.


I usually go to have dinner with her at Manor Park (I really love her room), She loves cooking and decorating dishes. Thank her, I did have many delicious Thai dishes. These are always the good memories that I want to save for a long long time.


Mona’s dishes

A new semester has started with many new challenges as well as many exciting plans. And, of course, she is always an important part of most of my plans. One more thing, I hope this post will be a little birthday present to my beloved friend whose birthday is Valentine’s day.

Happy birthday to my sweet P!

Best wishes for you “na khaa”!

Thank you for making my Surrey-time more wonderful!


From An with love