New Semester, new things!

Hello everyone!

So the long break is over. I really wish I could have a few more days off. As I notice, the winter is almost over, and Spring is coming. I notice some Snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis) flowers start to bloom around my area. It is said that Snowdrop is one of many flowers that bloom in the early Spring. Other flowers that are signs of Spring are Lesser celandine, Bluebell, Cowslip, Wood sorrel and more. Next time, I will try and take some pictures of the flowers and update them on my post.

In front of my room 😀

These are Snowdrop, they are all around the campus

Although Spring is here, there is a big storm that is coming around. So we have a lot of rain and wind these days. Sometimes, the sky just covers with cloud and turns dark suddenly. I still hear the wind blowing outside my window. At least, there is not snowing this year. I was afraid that heavy snow will cover the paths and roads.

The second semester has started for a few weeks. This semester seems to be busier than the last semester. My schedule is tided with all kinds of classes and projects. We start to focus on the core modules of the Biomedical Engineering course. First of all, we learn to use Matlab, SolidEdge, ANSYS, and all other cool software. On the first hand, they are kind of difficult to understand, since they have so many different functions and tools to use. However, once the basic training is finished, they are really amazing. One of my modules is about biomaterial and implantation, and SolidEdge and ANSYS would potentially lift up some weight of the module. In addition, my project is about machine learning, which I am really interested about. I am excited about my courses and projects.

That is all for today, hope you all being well and have some fun.

I will be around.