Sidney Rich and the £1,000 birthday party fund

More from our volunteer, Graham Potter, who this week uncovers an interesting story involving Sidney Rich, and the novel if not generous way he chose to mark his birthday!   I was assisting my second Archivist, Melanie Peart, from November 2015 and a year later she felt I could be suffering from “ cuttings overload “, so […]

A Volunteer Amongst the Cuttings

Graham Potter, one of our dedicated volunteers, tells us a bit about what has been keeping him busy over the past couple of years… My introduction to the Archives as a volunteer started in June 2015 (see “Thank you to our volunteers“ in this blog). I started on cataloguing the great many newspaper and journal […]

Ernest Howard Shepard: His Personal Archive – A talk given to visitors from the Guildford Institute

The Archives & Special Collections recently hosted a visit from the Guildford Institute having been asked to give a talk about E. H. Shepard and his personal archive. The E. H. Shepard Archive, one of the University’s perhaps lesser-known treasures, comprises of the personal papers of Ernest Howard Shepard, one of the greatest black and […]

International Women’s Day: The Inspirational Beatrice Shilling

Whilst researching material for International Women’s Day I was delighted to discover that the University presented the pioneering engineer Beatrice Shilling with an Honorary Doctorate in December 1969. In her article ‘Embarking on an Engineering Career in the Twenties’ in the 1969 summer issue of the ‘The Women Engineer’ she details the difficulties of entering […]

Happy Birthday Rudolf Laban

Rudolf Laban was born on this day (15th December) 137 years ago, 1879, in Bratislava. Archives & Special Collections hold the personal archive of this man who holds so much significance to the study of movement internationally. He was a visual artist, dancer, choreographer, movement analysis, educator and theoretician. The collection holds a wealth of material […]

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