Working with STARS students at University of Surrey

In May, Archives & Special Collections, working with learning development staff from the SPLASH team, piloted a new workshop drawing upon archives with STARS students.  These are 2nd and final year students who have been identified as high-achieving and a range of developmental support and workshops are offered to them to further enhance their learning […]

A new recruit to the Archives team and a whole lot of letters to read…

Danielle McCarthy has joined the Archives & Special Collections team for a three month placement as part of her MFA in Creative Writing, here at the University of Surrey.  Her work involves writing summaries of Florence Shepard’s correspondence to her husband, Ernest Shepard, during World War I to aid the discoverability of this unique material. […]

A tribute to Geraldine Stephenson

Having heard the sad news that Geraldine Stephenson passed away on Christmas Eve, 2017, we would like to pay tribute to a truly lovely lady who we had the pleasure to know and work with. Geraldine Stephenson (born c. 1925) was one of a core group of artists and apprentices who trained with Rudolf Laban […]

Journeys to the centre of the Archives …

In thinking about our collections and their care for Explore Your Archive week, it struck me that the journeys items take to get to the archive are diverse. University of Surrey holds a broad array of archives and special collections, from the University’s own institutional archive, to three collections related to illustrator E H Shepard, […]

Pest Hunting in the Archive

Earlier in the year I attended an extremely interesting and informative Integrated Pest Management (IPM) course at the British Museum to learn more about how to monitor and prevent pests in museum and archive collections. The course covered how to identify pest risks, how to monitor rodent and insect activity, pest identification and how to […]

Introducing Henry Mein’s books and scrapbooks

In the archives we have collections of different sizes. Some run for shelf after shelf and contain books, papers, journals, photographs, costumes… you name it!  Others are smaller, perhaps comprising some photographs, books and a small number of documents.  Likewise, some of our archives represent an organisation’s or a person’s work whilst others are material […]

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