A discovery and a mystery

Imagine our excitement in December when we were contacted by the Collections Officer at Winterbourne House and Garden in Birmingham to say that they had a first edition of Drawn from Life by E.H. Shepard. The book had been donated for reselling as part of their second-hand book stock but they thought it might better […]

Making our collections more discoverable

Over the last few months we have been revising how we describe our collections in our online catalogue.  For every catalogued or partially-catalogued archive collection that the University of Surrey holds, we have a record which describes that entire archive collection.  As these have been written over the course of several decades, we wanted to […]

Celebrating International Women’s Day: Daphne Jackson

2021 marks 50 years since Daphne Jackson became the first female Professor of Physics in the UK. A lifelong campaigner for women in science and engineering careers, Daphne Jackson began her research career in theoretical nuclear physics at the Battersea College of Technology (now the University of Surrey). She was appointed Professor of Physics at […]

Exploring E.H. Shepard’s business correspondence

Over the last few months I have steadily been proof reading catalogue records for E.H. Shepard’s business correspondence, greatly enjoying myself and learning new things. What immediately struck me was what this correspondence reveals about Shepard’s impact on the world.  We learn that in the late 1960s the University of Southern Mississippi has started work […]

Online resources

We have changed how we work this year, including how we support our students and researchers. To help you learn about our archives from wherever you are, we’ve created a video demonstrating how to use our online catalogue. This video explains what our online catalogue is and how you can use it effectively to find […]

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