Student Times

As part of an ongoing project undertaken by some of our incredible volunteers we have been looking through our large collection of student publications, and felt that it was about time we let you know just what the University Archives has in its collections and show you what has been discovered so far….   So […]

A Volunteer’s Perspective

A guest post by one of our regular volunteers in the University Archives…..   As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and in many areas the adage certainly holds much merit – for example, photographs in the world of journalism and reporting. In the case of historical documents, photographs provide valuable […]

The Show Must Go On

Over the years there have been many performances at University of Surrey and Battersea Polytechnic, some by the students themselves, some by professional performers. This post delves into the University Archives to discover just who has performed at the Polytechnic and University throughout our history. And there have been some interesting discoveries!   Musicians and […]

Sew inspired by the archives

To coincide with the final of the Great British Sewing Bee we have decided to take a look into our archives, looking for all things stitching, knitting and sewing. Thankfully the University Archives did not disappoint. Battersea Polytechnic when it was first founded ran separate courses for men and women, and part of the ‘Women’s […]

A Taste of the Past – Part 2

As part of our project looking into the history of the Battersea Polytechnic Recipe books, following on from our highly popular look into the history of the recipe book in our earlier blog, we have decided to dive into the cookbooks once again. This time the aim is to take you inside the recipe books, […]

How times have changed – the changing role of female students.

The history of Battersea Polytechnic and University of Surrey can be used to reflect the changing and developing history of female students.  This post demonstrates just some of the ways in which the options given to female students have radically changed since the founding of Battersea Polytechnic in 1891.   When Battersea Polytechnic was founded […]

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