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Money does make the world go round

Runner up in the 2018 CES World Environment Day blog competition: Author: Rebecca Mitchell The Environment, Society, and the Economy form the three main pillars of what we term ‘Sustainable Development’. The intricate balance and complex interrelationships between which determine every aspects of modern life (Holden, Linnerud and Banister, 2016). The continued degradation of our global […]

CES@25 reflections by Walter

CES@25 Last Week, the Centre for Environment and Sustainability (née Centre for Environmental Strategy) celebrated informally and convivially her 25th birthday. As its 4th longest-serving member, I was nudged at very short notice to share some reflections with a friendly group, some of whom I missed cracking jokes with for almost 2 decades and many […]

Bioenergy, Biorefinery and Bioeconomy: Promoting innovation, multidisciplinary collaboration and sustainability

On the 30th May CES and the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia co-organised a 5-day Researcher Links workshop to bring together researchers in the field of biorefining. Attendee Dr Katie Chong gives her perspective on the meeting: You may not believe me, but I have good news about climate change! How can this be possible I hear […]

So is the Building sector interested in Sustainability? A day at Ecobuild 2016.

Erica Russell, Doctoral Practitioner, University of Surrey/Carillion plc The first impression as you moved through the show was a constant booming of microphoned voices. From the Conference arena to the new multiple learning hubs, the fringe, the resource theatre to stands with their own mini conference seating there was an endless stream of information. Clients, […]

Shifting Public Thinking

CES Doctoral Practitioner in Sustainability, Erica Russell, on the recent Sustainable Brands conference: Over the last few weeks I have been fascinated by several thought provoking examples of how brand marketing is being used or developed to shift mass opinion. Sustainable Brands held a conference in November and in the spirit of trying to make […]

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