Surrey meets Malaysia

Keeping up with the lives of four Malaysian students currently studying at Surrey

Placement woes…

Hello, I have been M.I.A lately because I am STILL getting used to the workload of 2nd year. First year was easier to get used to as everyone expects first-years to be overwhelmed and people give them a warming-up period. So y’all in first year now, trust your seniors when the only advice they give you […]


Hello! So I wanted to blog about stress in university. There are many different sources of stress, from the most obvious, studying, to less obvious ones like maintaining relationships, friendships etc. Work/ Study-related Stress It can be especially stressful during the exam period. Everyone wants to do well and the Student Union knows that as […]

Free Fest 2018

Hello! Since the last time I blogged, the weather turned warmer and people started dressing for summer. The Student Union held an amazing event over one of the weekends, called Free Fest. It is, as the name suggests, free to join. Saturday was one of the warmest and brightest days ever, and it was the […]

Visiting Paris as a student

Hello, It has been a while since I have last posted… Easter break is over so all I can do now is reminisce about my trips during Easter! I went to Paris with my friend over the break. IT WAS AWESOME! We went by aeroplane because the fare was cheaper than using the Eurostar for the […]

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