Malaysia meets Surrey!

Keeping up with the lives of two Malaysian students currently studying at Surrey

Why Surrey! :D

Hi Hi! One thing’s for sure: the final stretch is here! T-2 weeks till my first exams. This week is emotional with the last lectures ever as Undergraduates and I for one, am definitely feeling a whole bag of emotions. Happy and sad that my 4 years here at Surrey are coming to an end […]

… just one more month

Hey guys. It’s almost summer break. And I can’t help imagining that scene in High School Musical 2 where they countdown and break out into ‘What Time Is It’ because that’s how it feels in my head right about now. No, this isn’t gonna be another post about being homesick, that’s old news. This instead […]

So, Why Surrey?

Hey guys. It’s that time of year where every college kid is freaking out over exams. I was there once before so I knew that feeling (even more so since I took the IB!). But at the same time, it’s made a little more horrifying considering you have to make a life decision: where you’d want […]

Italia è magnifico!

Hey guys! I’m gonna jump right into it. The absolute highlight of my Spring break would definitely have to be going to Italy! I went with a friend of mine (who was born and raised in Bologna) and moved around for a week. What a week it was.   We started our adventure in Venice. […]

Ah Events! management in Surrey II

While busying writing dissertation and preparing for Spanish exam, this week is getting even crazier as my event City of Stars is coming up (cannot hide the feeling that we are so hyped to showcase it to public as we put full effort in it), and also I was involved in the Geography Association conference as well as […]

Scotland Hiking Adventures

Hey everyone! As most of you might know, we’ve been on Easter break (Spring break; whichever one you wanna call it) for two weeks now. It’s great because the break lasts for a whole month! And the best thing is Surrey doesn’t immediately have exams right after the semester reopens *phew*.   Anyways, I spent […]

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