Malaysia meets Surrey!

Keeping up with the lives of two Malaysian students currently studying at Surrey

Windy Throwback to the Sun

One culture tip I would like to share: the weather.
I swear it was like about 10 degree Celcius 3 days ago and then it all started from yesterday when the temperature turn straight down. What is even worse is that Doris the storm is hitting us today, while the sun shines bright. Yes, your OOTD would be sunglasses, with wind-proof jacket and and wool blanket scarf wrapping your body around. For me, I go full out today with Uniqlo products. Uniqlo heatech base layer, Uniqlo cashmere wool sweater and  lightweight jacket. Brace the wind with Uniqlo! (I assure you I don’t liaise with Uniqlo! they probably should have paid me some advertisement or promoter fee? Hahaha!)


Economics at Surrey!

Hey there 🙂

So, the last few days have been quite stressful (for me at least!) as our first semester results were being released on the 23rd Feb (TODAY!!). I logged into the university server about an hour ago and am happy + relieved with my results 😀 It’s definitely given me the much-needed boast to get through the final lap now. I’ve got my first class test in two weeks’ time and definitely want to ace it.


This brings me to today’s blog post: Economics at Surrey! As most of you know, I’m currently in my final year of BSc Economics and Finance at Surrey University. Surrey University offers several Economics undergraduate programmes in:

A Wild Heart : Part 2

Sorry guys it has been long! As I went back to Malaysia for a well-deserved Chinese New Year break! (That will be in the blog soon, so stay tuned!) SO, here we are back to the Scotland trip Part 2 that I left off last time, which is after Isle of Skye!

I was suppose to stop at Loch Ness but then, well, plans changed. I need to be back to Edinburgh because of a debate competition.  Since I was one day earlier to my friend’s arrival, I spent the day exploring the vibrant city.

Here comes the tips! There are free tours! Free tours!

Running Around Stoke Park

Hey guys!

I know I know, I’m sorry. I’ve been inconsistent with the blogging lately but I promise I’m trying to get it together again!

The thing is, I went back to Malaysia for 2 weeks and although I had such an amazing time back home, it honestly kinda feels good to be be back. I guess Guildford’s become home for me too…


Anyways, this week is the week that I’ve finally felt broke. Like, literally 15 pounds je tinggal (and sebab baru je makan Thai food for dinner so actually legit tinggal 4 pound je). Duit MARA tak masuk until the start of March so I’m gonna have to stretch it for another two weeks!

Reading week in Prague! :D

Apa khabar? 🙂

I’m thrilled that it’s finally Friday as it’s been a looongg week: what with second semester now in full swing and the fact that this is my final semester before being released into the real world. My friend posted a picture (below) which sums up my feelings exactly.  I’m also super excited because I’ll be going to Playzone Portsmouth tonight! It’s the biggest, brightest indoor adventure play area and Friday nights are adult only entry. The university is organising this trip which includes return coach to Portsmouth + entry tickets: all for just £18! Definitely going to be a great night ahead 😀

Support during revision & exam season

Hi there everyone!

Exams are over yay! I celebrated my freedom with nights out over the weekend with friends before jetting off to Prague for 4 nights over the Reading week (it’s like half-term which is meant for studying). I shall be updating you all on my trip to Prague in next week’s post.

Today, I’d like to share with you some of the many ways Surrey University provides support to its students during the revision and exam season. First and foremost, Surrey University library is open 24/7, 365 days of the year. This is amazing considering many other university libraries in the UK do close at some point during the week and over holiday periods (Christmas and Easter). Our library boasts 5 levels, each offering different study environments such as Silent Study, Group Study, Quiet Study and Individual study. Students can access the library online beforehand to see if there are computer spaces available. Mind you, the library has over 1000 computer work spaces and more on the way! On top of that, the library provides laptops for loan purposes for free of charge as long as it is returned on time, just like textbooks. It can get quite busy during exam season in the library. Thus, to help with limited work spaces, students can use other buildings across the university campus which is equipped with computers such as the labs for class purposes.

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