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Using the National Health Service (NHS)

Hey everyone:)

Firstly, apologies for being M.I.A for the past 2+ weeks. I did mention in my previous post that I’ll be talking about the Surrey Decides elections but I thought I would postpone it. Today I would like to share my experience of what happens if a medical-related issue arises as I was diagnosed with a kidney infection (hence why I’ve been M.I.A)

The abdominal pain begun on a Sunday night and was progressively becoming worse. Me, being the avoider that I am, just put it down to possibly food poisoning. However, by Tuesday morning the pain was unbearable and on advice from my mother over Skype, she suggested I make an appointment to see a doctor as soon as possible. It’s quite different here in terms of seeing a doctor. Back home, we could just walk into a clinic and register and wait our turn to be examined by a doctor. Here, seeing a doctor is by appointment basis unless visiting Accident & Emergency (A&E) at Royal Surrey County Hospital (it’s located a 20-minute walk from the University campus)

I rang the Guildowns Group Practice and asked for an emergency appointment to see a doctor, stating that I was concerned I may have appendicitis and was immediately booked in to see a doctor at 11.30am that same morning at Wodeland Surgery, a 15-minute walk from the university campus.

Side-note: As a Surrey University student & being international, I would strongly encourage students to register themselves with the NHS Student Health Center, (it’s free) located on campus itself as soon as they arrive at Surrey University. This way, when I rang for an appointment, all my details were already in the system.

A friend was kind enough to drive me to the clinic for my 11.30am appointment. It was very straightforward as there is an electronic sign-in tab to inform the receptionist & doctor that you’ve arrived. Not too long after, I was seen by the doctor whom suspected I may have early on-set appendicitis and that if the pain persisted, I should make my way to A&E immediately. As I had a previously arranged meeting scheduled for that evening, I decided to play the wait-and-see game in terms of if the pain got better or worse.

Unfortunately, by that same evening, the pain had not subsided and I made my way to the Surrey County Hospital A&E. Again, it was straightforward, whereby the receptionist checked my details in the system (since I am registered at the on-campus NHS) and I informed her that the GP referred me here due to suspected appendicitis. I then took a seat and within 10 minutes was seen by a nurse who prescribed me Panadol for the pain and checked me to assign to a category (mine was Majors). I was then taken to the Majors waiting area, to be seen by a doctor.

I had blood taken and tests done whilst the doctor checked me once again and went through my medical history. With the results in hand, the doctor concluded that it was most likely a kidney infection due to my symptoms and the specific area the pain was located at. I was prescribed antibiotics which was to be taken for a duration of 7 days as well as painkillers (all free of charge). Given the option, I preferred to go back to my university accommodation instead of spending a night at the hospital. I was told however, that there was still a chance of it being appendicitis and that if the pain did not subside in a couple of days, to come back and ask to be admitted straightaway. Thankfully, turns out, it was only a kidney infection and after the 7 days of antibiotics, I’m on the road to recovery!

My experience dealing with the NHS has been nothing short of great and pleasant 🙂 I was treated well throughout the ordeal and encountered no issues/problems. I was scared and worried but the staff at both the clinic and hospital helped ease my fears and answered all questions I had. It was scary, being in the hospital without my parents around to speak to the doctors. But it was okay. I have supportive friends who kept checking in with me and offered to keep me company whilst waiting to be seen at the hospital 😀 Word of advice: Always keep your close friends in the loop because you need support especially during medical emergencies. Everything was covered as well, meaning I didn’t need to spend a dime for everything from the GP visit to the antibiotics from the hospital.

Side-note: All Malaysians coming to study at the UK for longer than 6 months are now required to pay a ‘health surcharge’ of £150 per year to gain access to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), after which students are eligible to use NHS services

Anyways, that’s all for today!

Till next time: selamat tinggal x


春天花開,而這兩週完全是處於備戰狀態,24/7的那種。一個又一個開不完的會,還有一個又一個寫不完的deadline。但是也從這一週,發現自己是多麼會苦中作樂的人,比如跟朋友玩猜謎遊戲,還會自己進階1.0, 2.0. 壓力之下必有創意!神奇的壓力。

我是萬能的 - 導演+ 編劇 +攝影師 +剪輯師


我是萬能的- 記事達人


我是萬能的 - 財政


我是萬能的 -生活大師


我是萬能的 - 普通人



春天來了,英國的天氣也是萬能的。總能讓我們穿著羽絨服,戴著墨鏡。 也許壓力之下,需要的也只是一縷陽光,一朵鮮花,還有吃不完的美食。我們需要的都只是一點點緩慢的溫柔,善待自己。不說了,我餓了,宵夜文都不是什麼好東西,就不虐待我自己了。















最近老是跟朋友提起,我們時代的偶像結婚的結婚了,有孩子的也有孩子了。我們也跟著老了。還記得那時候蹲在收音機前聽周杰倫的歌。尤其是星期五星期六的排行榜,前20裡,至少有三首是周董的歌。那時要跟著唱,還是得一字一句聽,一字一句寫下歌詞的。還有磁帶。看著附贈的歌詞,一遍又一遍地背周董專屬的rap。到現在,《夜曲》、《布拉格廣場》(雖然是蔡依林的,但 rap是周董啊!)、《以父之名》還有其他,不用看歌詞也是rap的出來的。 Y(^_^)Y  就用仿方文山的韻腳詩來結束這演唱會的心情分享吧~

仰望冷而霜 寂靜的月光
任它灑在臉龐 想像
蒲公英看我白髮蒼蒼  笑塵世紛攘
不壓制 對自由 細緻般的喜歡


Relaxed and Nothing Less

You know what’s great about Guildford? Besides the fact that it’s a beautiful place to live in?

It’s great because it’s such a small town, and coming from a country that doesn’t know what sleep is (shops here close at 5pm; rasa nak gelak or nangis pun tak tau lah), I’ve learnt to appreciate the serenity.


This week was a relaxing one for me. One that I haven’t had in a while. It was assignment-free, no travel plans, just me and a seemingly-empty campus. I think it’s important to have time for yourself especially in a place where everything you do depends entirely on yourself. If you don’t do the laundry, you’ll run out of clothes. If you don’t make the effort to cook or get a meal, you’ll starve. It kinda sounds a little extreme but there is truth to it. And I feel it’s important for me to experience that bitterness.


I’ve been spending a lot of time just walking around campus this week and it has made me realise that time is passing so quickly. I feel like it was just yesterday I arrived from Bangi with my whole life in a 30kg suitcase. It still baffles me that I actually made it to the UK. Gosh I’m sidetracking. Anyways.


Here’s what came to mind this week:

  1. I’m already in mid second semester and soon enough it’ll be the end of first year for me
  2. I spent wayy too much on Starbucks this week
  3. This place is starting to feel like home to me


On that third point, of course I miss home everyday but nowadays I find joy in a lot of the things here as well. People included. Like it doesn’t feel foreign anymore. I guess that feeling came with time but I don’t know how to elaborate it further. What I’m trying to say is, for those of you reading my posts I want you to know that home doesn’t have to be a place. It can be a feeling of growth, independence and being happy to acknowledge yourself for who you are.


I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and I wish you happiness wherever you are <3


With love,


European Meetings & Events Conference 2017

Finally squeezing some time out to reflect my EMEC17 trip to Granada.

Last semester, events student were notified that there is a scholarship opportunity to attend a conference, which you can already see from the title, named European Meetings & Events Conference 2017. I took the chance to apply and was granted the scholarship. At the same time, becoming an MPI member too. Becoming an event association member is nothing better as you can access to more insights and resources faster than anyone else. Therefore I hereby recommend people to explore respective industry’s association.

Back to EMEC17. So glad that I have took Spanish class (It is a free course offered by University of Surrey, The Global Graduate Award. see details here), so I can actually converse a bit to the locals. But the funny thing is, I can only introduce myself in Spanish but nothing else. So when I spoke fluent introduction and they started to conversed in Spanish, gawdddd, I regretted. hahahahah!

I arrived in Granada one day prior to the event, thought I might be able to explore the city a bit, but well I was writing assessments in my own little room and only be able to go food hunting for dinner. As Spanish have their dinner late, I struggled a bit to find a restaurant until La Cuchara de Carmela. It is located by the riverside, excellent service and great food. I ordered Pulpo asado con mojo-picón y cremoso de patata, the roasted octopus, alongwith some rice. A dish of fried shrimp was served FREE too!

img_3717 img_3718


And of course I will never forget dessert!



Day 2. Future Leaders Forum

So the D2 began. I made a bunch of new friends from different countries, that all passionate about events. We learned from each other, as well as from guest speakers. One thing to highlight is that, we were told that, we aren’t no student, we are TRAINING IN PROFESSIONALS.


Opening of EMEC17 was followed. Performance of Flamenco with smooth stage design as well as colour, great sensation! It was inspiring and somehow, motivating. After the general welcome, we were brought to a private tour around Alhambra. Alhambra, The Red One, is a palace and fortress complex located in Granada, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the inspiration for many songs and stories. As it is protected, the site is very strict on timing and number of visitors. Therefore if you are planning to visit during summer, please book ticket in advance.


By the way, there was a small funny incident that occurred. As we were assigned into different groups for private tour and being utterly impressed by the architecture and culture, my newly-made friend and I accidentally followed the wrong group. Then only realised when we need to take the coach back to welcome reception. Anyhow, we made it to the reception and had a wonderful evening at the reception! We even danced Flamenco on stage!


The future leaders

Day 3

Second day of the conference depends on what workshops we select to join. Unavoidably, technology, neuroscience and sustainability again hit the conference. Not only event related issues, the conference did provide some soft skills workshop as well, which they invited David Beckett, pitch trainer to start a workshop. 20seconds pitch, achieve and strike your goals!


Followed by another tour again! This time is around the city centre of Granada. Organiser arranged a Scavenger Hunt that let us explore the history and food and wine of the city by designing a competition. Weather was so perffffeeeccccttttt too!

img_3877 img_3711 img_3869 img_3884

I counted, that we walked for almost 20K steps! Of course food is so much needed after this tour. Went to a local tapas shop and had like four plates! Including free food. This is because for every drink you ordered, one small free dish will be given. Even though I was so filled, I cant help but still hunted churros down. No spain trip is complete without churros!

2 img_3897 img_3898


Wrapped up.
No regrets even though the journey home took almost 8 hours.
New friends, new lessons.

The one lesson impressed me the most is

“We aren’t just event planner, we are the engineer of trust.”

So recharged and ready to fight again for 2nd semester. Mucho gracias and adios Granada! #EMEC17

Events Management in Surrey

After every travel pieces I shared, finally I have a week to blog about normal uni life!

This time let me tell you the perks of being an event student in Surrey.
Firstly, you have loads of assessment. (Well, I know that should not count!) Haha!
What I meant is that we have loads of interesting coursework.
I ain’t particularly like to read and write, academically. I meant, I like reading, but not those thick textbook like the Sejarah or Bio in high school.

We have those interactive one.

  1. Analysis of business and cultural events
    This requires us to visit the biggest international exhibition for event organisers to supplier or anything event related. What is more important than that is, we get in for free! and we earn the travelcard for free too! which means, a free schooltrip! (typical poor student here)

    We met a lot of industry professionals, even some graduates as well. So much information going on that I was overwhelmed whilst amazed and impressed.

    See the photos below!

    17021558_1214677008628282_6588580776271838417_n 17021926_1214676995294950_7449003794890459068_n 17022039_1214677148628268_4887146810608805210_n 17098255_1214676878628295_8849943016124568869_nimg_3671 img_3675
    But, but but!!! the most important thing of course is MAKAN with friends!!!!

  2.  Organising event
    Yes we are currently terribly busy. As we need to organise an event by the first week of May, what is worse is to compete among your friends and meeting all other deadlines. At some point, really wanna flip table already lolll. But just kidding. Flip table also cannot pass the module, so better keep the table calm ha!
    “la la land” is our team’s theme. but then we are struggling to make sure we don’t have copyrights issues with the name! Meanwhile you will need to get sponsors, then we struggle to initiate proposal and contracts. Then you will need to deal with those lightings and PA system too. So mannnnyyyyy thingsssss to deallllllllllll~~~~
    But I can assure, it will be all worth it at the end of the course!
    star-2-copyHere you go. This is the first draft of our event! And I can’t wait to dress up as Mia, and listen to Seb’s Jazz!!!
  3. Pen off. I better get ready for tomorrow’s agenda, which is an event conference in Granada, Spain. Yes, that is the 3rd perks in this semester.

Feel free to check out our event on facebook! (Getting my event exposed here, ha!) Nah, feel free to leave any comments if you have any enquiry about Event Management course. I will share my experience at my best! Till next time.



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