Surrey meets Malaysia

Keeping up with the lives of four Malaysian students currently studying at Surrey

Connecting to University Wi-Fi (if you’re not sure how to)!

Ah, final year. I’ve just moved into Manor Park, a little earlier than when most students would be moving in. Some things have changed but it’s mostly the same as it was when I was here in first year. The one interesting thing that changed is actually the wi-fi provided in accommodation! It now uses […]

A Quick Look into Guildford’s Weekly North Street Market

It’s soon to be the start of a new academic year and, while many have graduated, many others will be joining us at the University of Surrey! Therefore, I hope to give you some insight into the weekly market which is held on North Street in Guildford town. Just for your information, I am writing […]

My experience when I took a flight back to Malaysia during COVID-19 outbreak.

Hi there! How are you doing? It’s my last week staying here in Malaysia, I am now busy packing my luggage and arranging transportation to my new room in London. This is the longest ever holiday I have spent since studying at university. It’s good to catch up with my friends and relatives during this […]

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