Surrey meets Malaysia

Keeping up with the lives of four Malaysian students currently studying at Surrey

Two interesting assignments I would like to share

Hi there! It is halfway through the semester, how is everyone? I have been busy applying for a PhD and writing assignments recently. The format of the assignments this semester is slightly different from my first and second year. Even though the workload is heavy, I found the assignments very interesting. This may be because […]

the Korean town: New Malden

Hello there! It is week 4 now, I guess you have already got used to the busy timetable this semester. With lectures and assignments in full swing, it can seem overwhelming to tackle your assignments while trying to set aside for studying. However, taking a break is important because everyone needs recharging, non-stop working/studying can […]

Placement application RESOURCES

Hi there! It’s the weekend again, I hope that you had a nice week without being overwhelmed by the lectures and assignments. I have been busy doing research on my final year project, part-time work and lectures. I also joined the yoga society and archery team to keep myself active. I quite enjoy this new […]

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