… just one more month

Hey guys. It’s almost summer break. And I can’t help imagining that scene in High School Musical 2 where they countdown and break out into ‘What Time Is It’ because that’s how it feels in my head right about now.

No, this isn’t gonna be another post about being homesick, that’s old news. This instead will be about how I kind of don’t want to go home. The exact opposite of what I was writing about earlier in the year.

I never thought that I wouldn’t want to go back to Malaysia since all I complain about is how the food here is not even close to how amazing it is back home, but I think this feeling is here because I’ve somehow made this university¬†room a home. I’ve made this a home to me in the sense that built a life around it (alongside the fact that I decorated my room super pretty too haha). I’ve made friends with my¬†flatmates, course mates, society pals and even just random encounters. What I’m trying to say is, all of this currently around me is now what I find to be ‘familiar’.

And when one becomes more familiar, another becomes less familiar.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Malaysia. It’s just that I think I’m a little afraid of the idea of having to get used to an opposing culture again. I’ve moved around my whole life so I’ve kinda got used to it but still, I wish that time could just slow down a little bit more.


Anyways, I first have to deal with exams! Wish me luck!

Talk to you later,