Two papers of Sergey Zelik on Navier-Stokes equations appear in Physica D

Two papers by Sergey Zelik and co-authors on rigorous analysis of the Navier-Stokes equations have been published in a special issue of Physica D (link here). The first paper (link here) is “Vanishing viscosity limit for global attractors for the damped Navier–Stokes system with stress free boundary conditions” co-authored with V. Chepyzhov (IITP, Moscow) and A. Illyin (Keldysh, Moscow).  The second paper (link here) is “Hyperbolic relaxation of the 2D Navier–Stokes equations in a bounded domain” co-authored with A. Illyin (Keldysh, Moscow) and Y. Rykov (Keldysh, Moscow).