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Three students undertaking summer research projects in pure mathematics

Three students are undertaking summer research projects in geometry and group theory. Lewis Napper, an undergraduate at Surrey, is undertaking a project with James Grant on “Curvature and low-regularity geometry“.  The project is funded by the London Mathematical Society. Sebastian Foulger, a student at Charters School in Sunningdale, is undertaking a summer project with David […]

Two undergraduate summer research projects in mathematical biology

Two undergraduate students in mathematics are undertaking summer research projects in mathematical biology. Reuban Harman-Mitchell is working with Anne Skeldon on “Mathematical modelling of REM/NREM sleep“.  This project is funded by an EPSRC undergraduate vacation internship, and is in collaboration with Prof Derk-Jan Dijk (SSRC, Surrey) and Gianne Derks. Cameron Cook is working with Carina […]

Paper of Alessandro Torrielli on relativistic invariance in AdS3 published in JHEP

The paper “The effectiveness of relativistic invariance in AdS_3“, co-authored by Andrea Fontanella (UAM/CSIC, Madrid, and former PhD student at Surrey), Olof Ohlsson Sax (Stockholm University and KTH), Bogdan Stefa\’nski (Perimeter Institute and City University), and, Alessandro Torrielli, has been accepted for publication in the Journal of High Energy Physics.  The paper uses relativistic invariance […]

Tommaso Macrelli passes PhD confirmation examination

Congratulations to Tommaso Macrelli for passing his PhD confirmation examination today (Friday 12 July)!  The examiners were Jan Gutowski and Andrea Prinsloo . The title of Tommaso’s project is “The L-infinity origin of tree-level scattering amplitudes”. The principal supervisor is Martin Wolf and the second supervisor is Alessandro Torrielli.  Tommaso‘s latest preprint can be found […]

Jock McOrist is Academic Visitor at Oxford University for Easter to Summer terms

Jock McOrist is an Academic Visitor at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, during the Easter and Summer terms, collaborating with Professor Philip Candelas FRS and Professor Xenia de la Ossa. The research project is part of a long-standing project concerning the relations between heterotic string theory and geometry. They are particularly interested in the […]

Paper of Lorenzo Raspollini and Martin Wolf on L-infinity algebras published in Progress in Physics

The paper “L-infinity algebras of classical field theories and the Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism“, co-authored by Branislav Jurco (Charles University, Czech Republic), Lorenzo Raspollini, Christian Saemann (Heriot-Watt), and Martin Wolf, has just been published in Progress in Physics. The paper is over 100 pages long and it reviews in detail the Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism for Lagrangian field theories […]

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