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Paper of Camilla Nobili on rigorous analysis of Rayleigh–Bénard convection published in Nonlinearity

The paper “Bounds on buoyancy driven flows with Navier-slip conditions on rough boundaries” co-authored by Fabian Bleitner and Camilla Nobili, has been published in Nonlinearity. It is published open access (link here). Fabian Bleitner was a PhD student of Camilla at the University of Hamburg. The paper considers two-dimensional Rayleigh–Bénard convection with Navier-slip and fixed-temperature […]

Ayoub Mansar visits from École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay and speaks on breaking waves

Ayoub Mansar, a PhD student in Mathematics at École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay is visiting the Fundamental Mathematics Group (Group B) this week (8 February to 16 February). Ayoub is a third-year PhD student supervised at ENS by Prof Frédéric Dias. His PhD project is on the theory and numerical simulation of breaking water waves and […]

Roberto D’Onofrio passes PhD viva

Congratulations to Roberto D’Onofrio for passing his PhD viva today (Wednesday 14 February)!  The External Examiners were John Gibbon (Imperial College London) and Raffaele Vitolo (Universita del Salento). The title of his thesis is “Singularities in fluid dynamics: from the classical approach to Monge-Ampere geometry” and he was supervised by Giovanni Ortenzi (University of Turin), […]

Book of Alessandro Torrielli has been accepted for publication by the Institute of Physics

The book “Integrability using the Sine-Gordon and Thirring Duality“, with sole author Alessandro Torrielli, has been accepted for publication by IOP Publishing. A synopsis of the book follows. Quantum field theory is typically not solvable in closed form and represents a very complex and extremely accurate description of elementary particle physics. Integrable quantum field theories […]

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