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Anne Skeldon visits University College Cork and gives a seminar on a dynamical systems analysis of sleep

Anne Skeldon was in Ireland last week (18-22 September) visiting the School of Mathematical Sciences. Her host for the visit was Sebastian Wieczorek, Professor and Head of Department (link here). Anne and Sebastian spent time talking about her work on geometric singular perturbation theory and tipping points. On Thursday 21 September, Anne gave a talk […]

Careers event for Early Career Researchers organised by Laura Jones and Ryan Poole

Laura Jones and Ryan Poole organised a careers event yesterday (Wednesday 20 September) for PhD students and Postdocs. The event, held in Room 39AA04 in Mathematics, included a series of talks, and then a panel discussion. The speakers included Rana Marrington (Surrey Careers Service), Janet Preston (Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Astrophysics at Surrey), Jessica Rowden […]

Cesare Tronci gives a seminar in the Department of Mathematics and Physics at University of Salento

Last week (Wednesday 13 September) Cesare Tronci visited the Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisica “E. De Giorgi” at the University of Salento, and gave a seminar (in Italian) with the title “Modelli fluidi di dinamica mista quanto-classica“. An abstract can be found online (link here). The map below shows a map of Italy and the […]

Jonathan Deane demonstrates the Wirtz pump for YouTuber Steve Mould and Stand-up Mathematician Matt Parker

Educational YouTuber Steve Mould and Stand-up Mathematician Matt Parker visited Jonathan Deane‘s house on 17 September, in order to see for themselves the Wirtz pump in the stream at the bottom of the garden. Jon Bevan joined as well. Jonathan and Jon published a paper on the Wirtz pump in 2018 and this is how Steve Mould came to know about […]

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