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Funding awarded to Cesare Tronci and team for a conference on Koopman methods and classical-quantum mechanics in Germany

Cesare Tronci and an international team consisting of Denys Bondar (Physics, Tulane) Francois Gay-Balmaz (Fluid Dynamics, Paris), Irene Burghardt (Chemistry, Frankfurt), and Igor Mezic (Dynamical Systems, Santa Barbara), have been awarded a grant of Euro 27000 to fund a one-week conference, to take place in April 2021, on “Applications of Koopman methods and classical-quantum mechanics“. […]

Paper of Dorje Brody published in American Journal of Physics

The paper “Making sense of the divergent series for reconstructing a Hamiltonian from its eigenstates and eigenvalues“, co-authored by Carl Bender (Washington University), Dorje Brody, and Matthew Parry (University of Otago), has been published in the American Journal of Physics. The paper presents a method for summing divergent series of eigenstates of a Hamiltonian in […]

Paper of Jon Bevan and Sandra Käbisch appears in Proceedings A of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

The paper “Twists and shear maps in nonlinear elasticity: explicit solutions and vanishing Jacobians” co-authored by Jon Bevan and Sandra Käbisch, has been published in Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Section A: Mathematics. A link to the published paper is here, and a link to the arXiv version is here. The paper studies […]

Paper of Dorje Brody on cryptocurrency interest rates published by SIAM

The paper “Theory of Cryptocurrency Interest Rates“, co-authored by Dorje Brody, Lane Hughston (Goldsmith’s College), and Bernhard Meister (Swansea University), has been published in the SIAM Journal of Financial Mathematics. In the paper a term structure model in which the short rate is zero is developed as a candidate for a theory of cryptocurrency interest […]

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