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Andy Oxley passes PhD viva

Congratulations to Andy Oxley for passing his PhD viva today!  The examiners were George Craig (Munich) and Matt Turner. The title of his thesis is “Linear Models of Non-Precipitating Convection“.  His project was co-supervised by Ian Roulstone and Peter Clark (Reading).

Huang-Turner paper to appear in Physical Review Fluids

The paper “Dynamic fluid sloshing in a one-dimensional array of coupled vessels” co-authored by Ying Huang and Matt Turner has been accepted for publication in Physical Review Fluids. The paper identifies multiple (n+1)-fold 1:…:1 resonances in a system of N coupled vessels in a 1D array, with each vessel containing a sloshing fluid. The vessels […]

Two papers of Jan Gutowski appear in the J High Energy Physics

Two papers co-authored by Jan Gutowski have appeared in the Journal of High Energy Physics in 2017.   The paper “Dynamical symmetry enhancement near N=2, D=4 gauged supergravity horizons“, co-authored with T. Mohaupt (Liverpool) and G. Papadopoulos (Kings College London), was published in March, link here. The paper “Calibrated entanglement entropy“, co-authored with I. Bakhmatov (Pohang, […]

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