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Thomas O’Neill passes Phd viva

Congratulations to Tom O’Neill for passing his PhD viva on Monday 3rd August! Tom’s thesis is entitled “A rigorous analysis, via the Monge-Ampère equation, of the existence of classical solutions to the semigeostrophic equations with explicit Rossby number scaling“. The External Examiner was Professor Mikhail Feldman (University of Wisconsin) and the Internal was Ian Roulstone. […]

Paper of Bin Cheng on rigorous analysis of magnetohydrodynamics published in ESAIM

The paper “Convergence rate estimates for the low Mach and Alfven number three-scale singular limit of compressible ideal magnetohydrodynamics“, co-authored by Bin Cheng, Qiangchang Ju (IAPCM, Beijing), and Steve Schochet (Tel-Aviv University), has been accepted for publication in the French journal Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis (ESAIM). A link to the abstract and final form […]

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