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Paper of Dorje Brody on stochastic quantum mechanics published in Journal of Physics A

The paper “Lévy models for collapse of the wave function“, co-authored by Dorje Brody and Lane Hughston (Goldsmiths University of London), has been published in the Journal of Physics A. An electronic version of the published paper is available (link here). A brief summary of the paper follows. Stochastic Schrödinger equations characterising the collapse of […]

Kieran Boniface attends STEM for Britain event in the Houses of Parliament and presents poster

Kieran Boniface was in London yesterday (Monday 6 March) to attend the STEM for Britain exhibition (link here) which was held in the Houses of Parliament. Kieran presented a poster entitled “Mechanotransduction in organoid development” (direct link to poster here). Kieran‘s poster was based on joint work with his PhD supervisor Carina Dunlop. The photo […]

Alessandro Torrielli gives online seminar at Osaka Metropolitan University in Japan

Alessandro Torrielli has given an online seminar in the School of Science, Department of Physics, Osaka Metropolitan University, in Japan, today (Monday 6 March). The title of his talk was “Massless integrable scattering in the AdS/CFT correspondence“. His host for the visit was Professor MORIYAMA Sanefumi (link here), who is one of Alessandro’s former collaborators. […]

Research of Cesare Tronci on symplectic geometry and Koopman dynamics profiled in the LMS Newsletter

This month’s London Mathematical Society Newsletter (which is sent to all LMS members around the world) has a feature article describing Cesare Tronci’s research. The title of the article is “Symplectic geometry and Koopman dynamics at the Quantum-Classical interface“. A link to the published newsletter is available (link here). The paper describes a new perspective […]

Fabio Marino passes PhD Confirmation Examination

Congratulations to Fabio Marino for passing his PhD confirmation examination! It was held on Friday 17th February, and the examiners were Masanori Hanada and Cesare Tronci. The title of his project is “The (P)SL(2,Z) S-dualisation toolkit””. Fabio is a student on the dual doctorate programme and is currently at Milano Bicocca being supervised by Sara […]

Paper of Bevan, Deane, and Zelik, on the Poincaré inequality, published in Proceedings of the AMS

The paper “A sharp Poincaré inequality for functions in W(1,I)“, co-authored by Jonathan Bevan, Jonathan Deane, and Sergey Zelik, has been published in the Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. The novelty is the proof is in the space of functions W(1,I)=W^{1,\infty}(\Omega,R) and it is sharp. The domain Omega is bounded and convex. A link […]

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