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Paper of Jock McOrist on heterotic vacua published in LMP

The paper “On the effective field theory of heterotic vacua“, by Jock McOrist, has been published in Letters in Mathematical Physics.  The effective field theory of heterotic vacua that realise R(3,1) preserving N=1 supersymmetry is studied. In a previous paper the kinetic terms for moduli were calculated, deducing the moduli metric and Kähler potential. In […]

The Department hosts visitors from Colorado, Michigan and Moscow this week

The Department hosted three international visitors this week (18-22 June).  Professor Cecilia Diniz Behn (Colorado School of Mines) visited the MoLSS & SSRC groups and gave a talk on Monday on “What time do you have? Modeling interindividual variability in the human circadian system“.  Professor Victoria Booth (University of Michigan) visited the MoLSS and SSRC […]

Aston, Bailey, and Skeldon speak at dynamical systems conference in Bristol

Philip Aston, Matthew Bailey, and Anne Skeldon attended and gave talks at the conference “Advances in Nonsmooth Dynamics“ held at the University of Bristol 13-15 June. Philip spoke on “Dimer dynamics and degenerate transversally intersecting manifolds“; Matthew spoke on “Circle maps with gaps: the dynamics of the two process model for sleep/wake regulation“; and Anne […]

Six undergraduate students awarded funding for summer research projects

Six undergraduate students in mathematics have been awarded funding for ten-week research projects in summer 2018.  The six students, their (supervisor), the project title, and their (funding source) are listed below. Laura Allegranza (Carina Dunlop) Investigating the contribution of tumour growth to dilution effects in models of drug delivery (funded by EPSRC). Maria Teresa Chavez […]

Paper of James Grant on the Hawking-Penrose singularity theorem appears in Comm Math Phys

The paper “The Hawking-Penrose singularity theorem for C(1,1)-Lorentzian metrics” co-authored by Melanie Graf (Vienna), James D.E. Grant, Michael Kunzinger (Vienna), and Roland Steinbauer (Vienna), has been published in Communications in Mathematical Physics. A link to the published paper is here. The paper shows that the H-P singularity theorem continues to hold for Lorentzian metrics that […]

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