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New postdoc Juan Miguel Nieto Garcia joins the Fields, Strings, and Geometry Group

The Fields, Strings, and Geometry Group welcomes a new EPSRC-funded Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Juan Miguel Nieto Garcia, arriving from the University Complutense of Madrid on 2 September. Juan Miguel is supervised by Alessandro Torrielli, and is collaborating with Andrea Prinsloo, and the two new PhD students Leander Wyss and Mirco di Gioia, on quantum integrable […]

Paper of Michele Bartuccelli on the crest factor published by the Royal Society of London

The paper “On the crest factor for dissipative partial differential equations“, by Michele Bartuccelli, has been published in Proceedings A of the Royal Society of London. In the paper Michele proves new results on the “crest factor” (defined in the figure left), and argues that it is a fundamental criterion for discerning between large and […]

Paper of Santitissadeekorn, Lloyd, and Delahaies to appear in Comp Stat Data Anal

The paper “Approximate filtering of conditional intensity process for Poisson count data: application to urban crime”, co-authored by Naratip Santitissadeekorn, David Lloyd, Martin Short (Georgia Tech), and Sylvain Delahaies, has been accepted for publication in Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, one of the leading journals on Data Science. A link to the final form manuscript […]

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