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Werner Bauer is a session convenor and presenter at EGU 2024 in Vienna funded by the IMA

Werner Bauer will be attending the European Geophysical Union 2024 General Assembly which will be held in Vienna from 14-19 April. The EGU generally attracts over 15,000 onsite participants from over 100 countries as well has virtual participants. Werner is convenor of the session on “Advances in Numerical Earth System Modeling: Identifying Systematic Errors and […]

Vasileios Moustakis passes PhD confirmation examination

Congratulations to Vasileios Moustakis for passing his PhD Confirmation viva! It was held today (Thursday 21 March), and his examiners were Werner Bauer and Cesare Tronci. The title of his report “Boundary integrability in massless AdS₃”. His supervisors are Alessandro Torrielli and Andrea Prinsloo. The photo below shows Vasileios giving a presentation on PhD Day […]

Paper of Naratip Santitissadeekorn published in the European Journal of Applied Mathematics

The paper “Parametric approach to promote a divergence-free flow in the image-based motion estimation with application to bioirrigation“, co-authored by Naratip Santitissadeekorn, Christof Meile (University of Georgia), Erik Bollt (Clarkson University), and George Waldbusser (Oregon State University), has been published in the European Journal of Applied Mathematics (open access, link here). In the paper, flow […]

New postdoc Delyan Zhelyazov joins project of Cesare Tronci on complex fluids

Delyan Zhelyazov joined mathematics this month, taking up a three-year position of Postdoctoral Research Assistant on the project of Cesare Tronci, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, on “Solute motion in complex fluids: mathematics and solvation dynamics” (link here). Delyan obtained a PhD in analysis of nonlinear PDEs at the University of L’Aquila in Italy. He […]

Anne Skeldon speaks the ERATO Joint UK-Japan Symposium at Oxford University

Anne Skeldon is an invited speaker at the ERATO UK-Japan Symposium on Circadian Rhythms and Sleep (link here). The meeting is virtual with live presentations broadcast from Oxford University, and takes place from 11-13 March. Anne‘s talk is on “Mathematical modelling of sleep and circadian rhythms and our interactions with society and the environment“. The […]

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