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Josephine Solowiej-Wedderburn gives a talk at the virtual eSMB conference

Josephine Solowiej-Wedderburn is giving a talk tomorrow (Thursday 20 August) at the virtual annual conference of the Society for Mathematical Biology. Her talk title is “Sensing some resistance: A mathematical model for the contractile mechanosensory mechanism within cells“. A link to the abstract and other information about the conference is here. Josephine’s PhD project is […]

Matt Turner’s paper on leapfrogging vortices chosen as ‘Editor’s Pick’ by Physics of Fluids

The paper “Leapfrogging criteria for a line vortex pair external to a circular cylinder” authored by Matt Turner has been accepted for publication in Physics of Fluids. The paper identifies a criteria, a function of cylinder radius and the ratio of vortex strengths, which signifies the boundary between leapfrogging and non-leapfrogging motions as the vortices […]

Paper of Cesare Tronci on Born-Oppenheimer molecular dynamics appears in PRA

The paper “Regularized Born-Oppenheimer molecular dynamics“, co-authored by Jonathan I Rawlinson (Bristol/Leeds) and Cesare Tronci, has been accepted for publication in Physical Review A. The paper presents a new closure of the nuclear Born-Oppenheimer equation, thereby leading to a molecular dynamics scheme capturing geometric phase effects. Full abstract can be found on the PRA page […]

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