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Paper of Timothy Burchell and Tom Bridges on nonlinear waves published in Advances in Mathematics

The paper “Symplectic transversality and the Pego-Weinstein theory“, co-authored by Timothy Burchell and Tom Bridges, has been published in Advances in Mathematics. A link to the published paper is here. The paper gives a geometric formulation of the linear stability problem for solitary wave solutions in Hamiltonian partial differential equations. The screenshot below shows the […]

Project of Philip Aston on dynamical systems modelling of asthma diagnosis funded by EPSRC

The project “The use of Symmetric Projection Attractor Reconstruction (SPAR) as a novel assessment tool in Asthma“, with Principal Investigator Dr Gerrard Rafferty (Kings College London, Centre of Human & Aerospace Physiological Sciences) and Co-Investigator Philip Aston, has been funded by EPSRC. The project starts 1st March 2022 and runs for two years. The award […]

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