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Dorje Brody publishes article in “The Conversation” on his information-based model of human behaviour

The article “The mathematics of human behaviour: how my new model can spot liars and counter disinformation“, authored by Dorje Brody, has been published in “The Conversation” (link here). The article explains, for a general audience, the main ideas in Dorje‘s recent paper published in Frontiers in Psychology (link here). “The Conversation … is a […]

Amy Beaumont and Matthew Groom undertake EPSRC-supported UG summer research projects

Two undergraduate students, Amy Beaumont and Matthew Groom, have been awarded funding by EPSRC for summer research projects. Amy is working with Gianne Derks and David Lloyd on “Linear stability of spatially-periodic stationary patterns in a singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion system” and Matthew is working with Bin Cheng on “Application of Modern Graph Theory in Electrical […]

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