Ian Roulstone and Martin Wolf on research visit to the University of Angers

Ian Roulstone and Martin Wolf are visiting the University of Angers this week (1-4 July), in the Pays de la Loire region of west France, for research interaction with Vladimir Roubtsov.  The research project is on geometrical fluid dynamics, particularly the geometry of the Monge-Ampere equations. Martin gave a talk on Tuesday 2 July on “L-infinity algebras, the BV formalism, and classical fields“.  In the talk, Martin first reviewed the Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism and its mathematical foundations with an emphasis on higher algebraic structures and classical field theories. Secondly, the talk discussed recent developments in formulating higher gauge theory with Lie quasi-groupoids as gauge structure. Thirdly, it was explained how all these ideas can be combined with those of twistor theory to formulate maximally superconformal gauge theories in four and six dimensions by means of quasi-isomorphisms. The University of Angers is one of the oldest universities in France having started as the School of Angers in the 11th century.  This week Ian and Martin are enjoying the heat wave in France seeing temperatures in excess of 30 celsius!