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Roulstone project on flooding funded by NERC

A joint project between the University of Reading and the University of Surrey, on “Flooding from Intense Rainfall”, has been funded by NERC.  The total project is worth £1.01m and provides a fully funded PhD studentship for Surrey.  The project will address both the strategic challenge of the NERC natural hazards theme to “enable better […]

Colin Little passes PhD viva

Congratulations to Colin Little for passing his PhD viva on Friday 1st March.  The title of his PhD thesis is “Deterministic driven random walks in a random environment“, and the project was supervised by Ian Melbourne.  The external examiner was Mark Holland (Exeter University) and the internal examiner was Claudia Wulff.

New ERIE PhD student working with Skeldon & Roulstone

Michelle Grant started as PhD student at Surrey in January 2013. Her project will focus on data assimilation in systems with multiple scales under the supervision of Anne Skeldon and Ian Roulstone. Michelle graduated with a mathematics degree from Edinburgh University in 2000 and moved into the financial sector, predominantly employed in Corporate Treasury roles.  […]

Sfetsos gives a talk at Imperial College London

Kostas Sfetsos is visited Imperial College on Wednesday 27 February to give a talk in the London Triangle String Theory Seminar series.  The title of his talk is “Non-abelian T-duality in supergravity and the AdS/CFT correspondence” with abstract as follows.  The notion of T-duality in supergravity backgrounds with non-Abelian isometries and non-vanishing RR fluxes will […]

Bridges gives a talk at Imperial College London

Tom Bridges gave at talk in the Dynamical Systems Seminar at Imperial College on Thursday 28 February.  The title of the talk is “How modulation generates geometry in dynamical systems and nonlinear waves“.  An abstract of the talk follows.  The backbone of the talk is “modulation”; specifically what to modulate and how modulation generates geometry.  […]

Sara Pasquetti gives a talk in Milan

Sara Pasquetti visited the Theoretical Physics group at the Universita degli Studi de Milano-Bicocca.  During the visit she gave a seminar on Friday 22 February in the TP seminar.  The title is “Holomorphic blocks in three dimensions“.  In the talk it is shown that sphere partition functions and indices of 3 dimensional N=2 gauge theories […]

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