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Beth Herrera Sucarrat passes PhD viva

Congratulations to Elisabet Herrera Sucarrat who passed her PhD viva on Thursday 22 November.  Her thesis title is “The full problem of two and three bodies: application to asteroids and binaries“.  The external examiner was Apostolos Christou (Armagh Observatory) and the internal examiner was Stephen Gourley.  The project is supervised by Mark Roberts and Phil […]

Hydon appointed to LMS editorial board

Peter Hydon has been appointed to the editorial board of the “LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics“.  The aim of the LMS JCM is to publish internationally-leading papers addressing topics in computational pure and applied mathematics, including papers at the interface between mathematics and computer science.  The LMS JCM is an electronic-only open-access journal. The […]

Turner's paper appears in "Fuel"

The article `A breakup model for transient diesel fuel sprays’ was recently published in FUEL and examines a new approach to modelling how diesel jets breakup into droplets after injection into an internal combustion engine, as well as the shape of the spray produced. The model uses the results of hydrodynamic stability theory to define […]

Aston & Derks in MILES funded project

The project “Mathematical Modelling of HDL cholesterol in males and females” has been funded by the MILES programme in November.  Some background on the project follows.  Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the world (WHO, 2009).  One of the many risk factors is low HDL cholesterol.  HDLs are a heterogenous group of […]

Jonathan Deane edits special issue

Jonathan Deane has been invited to be co-Editor for a special issue of the journal  “Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society“.  The co-editor is Xin-Chu Fu (a former Post-doc at the University of Surrey), and the title of the special issue is “Discontinuous Dynamical Systems arising in Science and Engineering”.   The special issue will […]

Wakeling passes EngD confirmation

Congratulations to Matthew Wakeling for passing the EngD confirmation viva on Wednesday 21 November.  The project is on “Satellite retrievals and data assimilation”.  The examiners were Amos Lawless (Reading) and Chris France (Centre for Environmental Strategy).  The supervisors are John Eyre (MetOffice), Susan Hughes (Civil Engineering) and Ian Roulstone.

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