Surrey meets the Middle East

Insight into life at Surrey from three current Middle Eastern students

What to do after Surrey?

Hello guys after a stressful month of exams I can finally say that I am officially done with this semester. So for this week I felt I should be talking about what to do after I finish university. After getting your bachelors degree you basically have three options: Get your Masters degree Get a job […]

What I did Over the Christmas Break

Hello Guys. Happy New Year to ALL. I hope everyone had a much more eventful Christmas break than myself. As most of you may know from my previous post I stayed in Guildford over the Christmas break mainly to prepare for my exams. So for the better part of 3 weeks I have been technically […]

How to Score 100%

Exams. What better way to begin the new year. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard exam season is here. Although this period can be worrisome to many, given the proper tools and mindset, this period can be overcome quite easily. I have recently been to a session called Mastering Your Exam […]

The Weather 🌦

Hi there! So Christmas 🎅🏼 is 10 days away, today is the last day before the Christmas holiday and most students have already packed off  to go back home and unwind a hefty first semester. Days and days of piled laundry will finally be done and the sleepless RedBull all-nighters are over (at least for […]

Plans for Christmas

Hello again peeps! At last it is the final week of teaching at the university and I am looking forward to a very well deserved break. Christmas break in the UK is quite different than it is back home in Jordan, as it goes on for a full 3 weeks! Now for a UK student, […]

Christmas Break In Surrey

As an international student it is a very big decision to stay in Surrey for the Christmas break and not go back to Egypt. The decision to stay in Surry for the Christmas break was decided in my first year where I relaised that going back home over the Christmas Break causes my grades to […]

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