Middle Eastern students at Surrey

Insight into life at Surrey from three current Middle Eastern students

Are you hungry?

A good spot for dining can mean multiple things, food quality, taste and background. A memorable dining experience combines at least two of those aspects. I have been to numerous destinations with a main purpose of exploring all kinds of foods with delicious taste and a fair background, so let me share some of my findings: […]

What to do after Surrey?

Hello guys after a stressful month of exams I can finally say that I am officially done with this semester. So for this week I felt I should be talking about what to do after I finish university. After getting your bachelors degree you basically have three options: Get your Masters degree Get a job […]

What I did Over the Christmas Break

Hello Guys. Happy New Year to ALL. I hope everyone had a much more eventful Christmas break than myself. As most of you may know from my previous post I stayed in Guildford over the Christmas break mainly to prepare for my exams. So for the better part of 3 weeks I have been technically […]

How to Score 100%

Exams. What better way to begin the new year. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard exam season is here. Although this period can be worrisome to many, given the proper tools and mindset, this period can be overcome quite easily. I have recently been to a session called Mastering Your Exam […]

The Weather 🌦

Hi there! So Christmas 🎅🏼 is 10 days away, today is the last day before the Christmas holiday and most students have already packed off  to go back home and unwind a hefty first semester. Days and days of piled laundry will finally be done and the sleepless RedBull all-nighters are over (at least for […]

Plans for Christmas

Hello again peeps! At last it is the final week of teaching at the university and I am looking forward to a very well deserved break. Christmas break in the UK is quite different than it is back home in Jordan, as it goes on for a full 3 weeks! Now for a UK student, […]

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