Surrey meets the Middle East

Insight into life at Surrey from three current Middle Eastern students

Four Pieces of Advice For a Better Dissertation đź“ť

Writing up a dissertation is a rather challenging experience where you are expected to employ your experience gathered from your time spent at university to compose an academic piece of literature. Sounds difficult but it does not have to be! Speaking with friends from different courses and faculties for advice I managed to get a widespread view on the important […]

Accommodation In Guildford

  Today I want to introduce some ways of searching for most new comers to the university you will most likely be looking at university managed accommodation. The housing system for on campus accommodation is separated into different bands. The link below shows the different bands of accommodation their price and what you get for […]

Winter Is Coming!

Hello everyone. As you can guess form the title above Its been snowing recently in Guildford and all over the UK. This is due to snow storm which is deemed to be the worst snow storm in 50 years. This week we saw our first snowfall since November, luckily nothing too heavy, hear in Guildford, […]

Food in the UK

Hello everyone!! It’s been a very busy semester for myself a lot has been going on. I will try to post weekly from now on but no promises. Today I will like to talk to you guys about food in Guildford, as I am sure this is something that will be on your mind when […]

My Trip to Bristol

HELLO! Did you miss me? I haven’t been blogging since the semester started because I have been swamped with work on my final year project, can you believe that? It’s only week 4 and I’m already too busy to so anything! Anyhoo I sorted stuff out and scheduled a new time to blog each week, […]

Are you hungry?

A good spot for dining can mean multiple things, food quality, taste and background. A memorable dining experience combines at least two of those aspects. I have been to numerous destinations with a main purpose of exploring all kinds of foods with delicious taste and a fair background, so let me share some of my findings: […]

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