Surrey Decides 2024!

As the anticipation builds and the campus buzzes with excitement, it’s that time of the year again when students come together to shape the future of our student’s union. The elections for roles within the Union are upon us, creating a season of spirited debate, passionate advocacy, and the opportunity for every voice to be heard. Join us as we delve into the heart of student leadership, exploring the significance of this electoral process and the profound impact it holds for our journey at the University of Surrey.

The Union is led by a team of 26 Officers, including full-time Sabbatical Officers (‘Sabbs’ – the 4 VPs and President) and part-time Officers. These Officers work in four Zones – each one for a different aspect of student life:

  • Activity for getting involved in clubs and societies, and supporting your personal development. We’re the Zone that helps support student groups, remove barriers to participation, and create opportunities for students that want to develop themselves.
  • Community for bringing students together and finding a home away from home. We’re the Zone that organises showcase events, represents students in the local community, and lead on things like volunteering and fundraising. 
  • Support for students who are passionate about supporting others, and creating opportunities for other students to support one-another. We’re the Zone that covers equality and diversity, support for wellbeing, and operates academic advice at the Union. 
  • Voice for students that have something to say. We’re the Zone that lead on democracy, student opinion, and ensuring national representation for Surrey students.

Amidst the lively atmosphere of “Surrey Decides 2024,” our campus is full of vibrant colors of campaign posters and banners, each bearing the aspirations and promises of the candidates seeking to lead. You may have witnessed many candidates have been campaigning in lecture halls to student hangout spots, engaging in spirited conversations, sharing their visions for a more inclusive, dynamic, and thriving university community.

For many students, the plethora of choices might evoke a sense of confusion: Who should I vote for? In navigating this decision-making process, I encourage you to delve deeper into the candidates’ manifestos, where detailed plans and initiatives are articulated, offering insight into their visions for the future of our university. Additionally, watching the live question time debates provides invaluable opportunities. In this season every voice matters, and through informed decision-making, we collectively pave the path toward a brighter tomorrow for the University of Surrey.

The final question time is today (27th February) from 7pm online and in Rubix. Chaired by Surrey students, and featuring plenty of twists – candidates can expect to be put through their paces ahead of voting opening tonight! Watch in-person or via the livestream on the Students’ Union website or YouTube channel. Remember, voting closes on the 2nd of march at 7pm with results announced at 8pm.