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This blog covers the highs and lows of living life as a Nigerian student at the University of Surrey!

Happy Birthday Surrey

UoS at 50!


Guess who celebrated her 50th year in Guildford?! Yup, the University of Surrey did on the 22nd of October and there was a celebratory procession down the high street. Prior to that, in the evening of the 19th of October, we had fireworks lit on Pats field and it was the most beautiful thing ever with the huge cathedral serving as a perfect background. It made me think how far the university has come remembering my aunt studied here as well. It does feel good being a part of it.




Now, to all my lovely people out there who always ask about Postgraduate Studies at Surrey now is the best time to get all the information you need. The university will be holding a webinar session on the 23rd of November 2016. This would be a great opportunity to hear from the academics, you would have a chance to ask the current students questions and also talk to alumnus about their experience. This would be a good time to hear from those who are in the program or have been through it. What better way for you to hear straight from the horse’s mouth? Click this link to register, you really don’t want to miss this trust me….thank me later.


Theresa xx

Tolu Bajomo is back from Placement!

I’m bacckkkkk, it’s so exciting to be back on here…….


Hmmm so it’s been like a decade since I last posted on this blog, well not really a decade lol a year and some months.


So the reason why, is because I was away on placement (Industrial Training) and it was an exciting year for me. I was in Nigeria for it and it was good to spend some time with family and friends.


So I got back to the UK early August. The change I experienced was serious, serious asin my body system was just not ready for the change, my skin got so dry L L and I was breaking out seriously ….. it really felt weird being back at first, especially because of how my body was reacting to the change. But I was indeed happy to be back to the UK (my second home) lol. I tried to enjoy my summer as much as I could, because I knew being back to Uni as a final year student was definitely going to be work work work, as you can imagine.


So yeah I am going to just talk to you generally about my “summer holiday”. Well to be very honest with you guys, it wasn’t like the usual summer holiday. This because I had to work on my placement report, which was just like writing a dissertation (1,000 words). I honestly felt like I was doing my masters- excuse me please I am allowed to feel that way because that report was draining.


So anyways during my “summer holiday”, I spent most of the time with family in the UK. We tried as much as possible to catch up on all I missed whilst I was away- you know there’s always room for gist 😉 The Saturday I got back, I went for a BBQ party with family, it was a birthday party of a close family friend. Can you imagine after flying for 6 hours? This shows the extent of how we Nigerians like party and like to ‘jaiye’ lol, I was honestly tired but no way I was going to be at home and everyone going out to eat BBQ chicken and burger. It was a lovely evening out and I really enjoyed myself. Hmmm what other exciting thing did I do?? Oh yes I remember I went for a massage with my aunty and cousin. That day we so treated ourselves, but you guys understand that sometimes you just need to go all out and give yourself a treat. The massage was soooo gooood lol I wish it was for 2 hours, because we only booked an hour slot. This people that do the massage are just so gifted and how do they do it, I would like to say they have ‘magic fingers’ J okay I know I am taking too far but they even know what part of your body feels tensed and all. Afterwards we went shopping; lol which I feel wasn’t really a great idea after a massage because you know how we Nigerians like to shop. Afterwards went for dinner and ended the day it was truly a beautiful day.


Another exciting thing I did over the summer holiday was catching up with friends, it was just so beautiful to see my friends again after being away for ages. I met up with them at Oxford Circus and they are the sweetest friends ever- they got me flowers, cards and presents. I was just so blown away cause I wasn’t expecting anything and I guess that made it a worthwhile surprise. We afterwards went to lunch and obviously did some sightseeing/ shopping J


So yeah guys…. That was my “summer holiday” in summary, apart from staying up some nights writing my report it was definitely a relaxing time before the start of Uni.

So till next time guys, Enjoy your weekend  xo

Here’s why you should take a Placement Year

Why is it that most Nigerian students shy away from the Placement Year? I remember when applying to companies, it would have been so easy to get discouraged with comments like “Hmm don’t you know they’d consider home students before students on a Tier 4 visa” “I just want to finish this degree and go, an extra year is too long abeg”. The way the professional world is set up right now everyone is looking to employ people with some experience. We’ve seen those that ask for 10 years’ experience (where do graduates start from when you see such hahaha) so, taking a placement year was my one chance to start getting this experience.


A placement year is a programme set up by universities to enable students to spend a year in employment as a recognised part of their degree. The University of Surrey offers students the opportunity to undertake the professional training year (PTY) for 12 months within or outside the UK. (So you could even do it in Nigeria!)


I worked at O2, Telefonica UK as a Junior Radio Engineer, well that was my job role on paper; to be more specific, I worked as a system tester on the Smart Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP). It provided the opportunity to develop more of my engineering skills as I am currently studying Electronic Engineering with Communication Systems. It exposed me to the new craze going around called the “Internet of Things”, I got to learn the fundamentals of it. It further developed skills such as critical thinking, communicating, team working, problem-solving as it was a hands-on job (testing) where it was important to learn to break problems down and analyse.


For someone with a “Tier 4 visa” I think I did pretty well and I’m here to say if you do want to do a placement year, GO FOR IT! Nowadays, it is not just enough to graduate, you are expected to have something extra to offer and a placement is a good shot at the “something extra”. Here’s some advice, the thing with job applications is that you are bound to be rejected at some point, everyone gets rejected but don’t stop there, the key is to apply to as many as you can. The more you apply, the better you get at “selling” yourself.


During the year some students realise they really like their course and in fact want to get the job after graduation, some develop more interest in a different part of their course they once didn’t like, some hate it and even decide to switch to something else after university. So it really is an opportunity to explore your field of studies so as to experience the true nature.


If you don’t get one it’s really not the end, you can move on to your final year and apply for graduate schemes/jobs. There are summer internships available as well so understand that there are other opportunities and life goes on. If you would like to know more about the placement year you can drop an email or click this link.

Theresa xx



Hi Guys!

It’s been a while since I blogged, as I have been really busy with different things like exams, course work, starting a new semester, mentoring etc. I will try my best to blog regularly from now on as I have just realised I have just 18 weeks left at Surrey! Sob sob.

I have officially started my countdown to graduation because honestly that’s the only thing keeping me going at this point. As a BSc Accounting and Finance student, I don’t have to write a dissertation (a long essay that is written on a particular subject as a requirement for your degree), so some people say ‘I’m lucky’…err mm no am not, I’ll take a long essay any day considering my name is ESE (Pronounced ‘essay’) lool jk, but seriously I would take that over series of exams. Accounting exams are either a hit or a miss, its either you know or you don’t know the answer.

Now being a Nigerian student schooling in the UK, your countdown to graduation is completely different from an EU student because you suddenly become conscious of the fact that you have to leave the University with a First class or at least a Second Class not because you want to get a good job but because anything below that just start thinking of how you are going to move to Ogbomosho, your new life there, the cost of feeding, what job you are going to start up, maybe selling akara or hawking bread, whether you will get married to a carpenter, bus driver or shoe maker because the first thing your dad will ask you is what is your result? Then he will go on and say do you know how much the exchange rate is? Then he’ll add do you know how much money I’ve spent on you for the past 3 or 4 years, then it just goes downhill from there lool. So it is very important that I get a good result, I think am doing well so far.

On a more serious note it’s quite fascinating how quick time has gone by, you get so engrossed in the system that you forget that all things that have a beautiful beginning will surely have an end. I have been so blessed here at Surrey, from the opportunities I have been given on a platter of gold to the amazing people I have met that have inspired be to reach for the top. We Nigerians can sometimes be so focused on coming to University and getting a good grade that we sometimes forget to live in the moment, and take up opportunities to gain experience from highly reputable people around us.

So an advice for today would be enjoy ‘Living in the NOW’.

Okay enough blabbing from me; hope you had a good read!



Ese x

Surrey Applications

Hi Everyone!

First of all, my sincere apologies for not having posted in a while. Went on a short holiday after my exams to the states to visit some of my family and I did have a great time. Snowed on some days but was still nice, will upload one of the pictures below. Second semester so far has been really packed and very busy for me. Definitely more busy than the 1st semester, but God is in control.

Also is it just me or is time flying by so fast?! We already in March, the Christmas holiday still feels like it was yesterday. Good thing though, means I will soon be done with my program J and back into the workforce. Yes I do enjoy having a regular source of income.

It’s also that time of the year the University is open for viewing. Different events like campus tours and open days are open for prospective students. It’s going to run from now till about April so now will be a good time for all potential students to book a place and come visit the University. Got loads of ambassadors like myself who will be showing you around the University. All you have to do is book online  Follow the instructions on the link and Tada! Served as an accommodation guide yesterday and had quite a number of people viewing my room. Was interesting as I got to meet a lot of people who are interested in studying here.  After mentioning that accommodation on campus came with heating, Wi-Fi unlimited and water which is all inclusive in your accommodation fee, one of the parents asked me if my printer came with the room. Lol! No ‘Oga’ (means Sir) it doesn’t, you have to buy your own. This is what my Nigerian people call ‘awoof’. Lol! Just messing, didn’t say that but yes I did think it.

Also if you’ve got an offer already from the University, please do the needful by meeting your conditions for those that have got a ‘Conditional offer’ and for those with the ‘Unconditional offer’, do accept on time so your CAS (certificate of acceptance of study) can be issued and you can proceed to processing your visa. This year the University has gotten a high volume of applications and may be closing some departments early, so please do the needful. Would love to have you guys over here 😉

The weather is awesome today as well, still cold but definitely not gloomy, day is bright and happy and so am I. Can’t wait for spring to come in full swing, in dire need of some bright colours. Lol.

I’m going to sign out now, and do have a lovely weekend.

May the odds be ever in our favour.


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University of Surrey on the RADIO

Hi Guys

Greetings from Surrey. We are very excited to be coming to Nigeria next week where we will be featured on Nigeria Info 95.1 FM  (Abuja) on Tuesday 1st March @ 08.30am

We are going to be talking about Surrey University and the benefits of Higher Education in the UK.
We hope you can tune in and join us!

Pete Muncey
Regional Manager Nigeria

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